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Jessica Lee

Free Monthly Horoscopes

Based on the 13 Zodiacs 

May 2015


ARIES  April 19-May 13

aries horoscope astrology

It looks like for many of you an old serious love bug will be pulling on your heart strings and giving you a run for your money this month. Feelings that were laid out long ago are still lingering for a lot of you- either with an old flame returning or a romantic partner that’s been around for quite a while; they are still in your heart to this very day- it’s seems you’re dealing with someone you’ve never been able to shake or let go of.

While it looks like you’re now at a point where you feel like you’re on the crux of something big and you’re about to take some kind of gamble with hopes for a better tomorrow, inside you are battling between the self-doubt and the self-confident sides of yourself. For some of you, this crux will be a matter of finally letting go and realizing that you’ve invested too much time on this one person already. For the others, it will be able giving a new side of the relationship a chance to grow into something more- like taking the step of moving in or even marriage. One way or another your life bond with this other person will be changing in a big way.

If you are one of those who will be letting go and saying good-bye, clearly this will be an emotional time in your life. I send you my love and strength and can only ask that you learn to appreciate the experience you’ve had in the past, learn from the bad times and cherish the good one’s despite how things turned out.

TAURUS May 14-June 19

taurus horoscope astrology

It looks like you’ve recently been dealing with feelings and desires pulling on you from different places and sources. It’s like you suddenly have an urge to experience or feel so much more than you already have before. Be it a larger appetite for certain tasty treats, a sudden urge to go sky diving and feel the rush of adrenaline or even if it’s just braving it up and trying something new every day- you’re a hungry little soul wanting to soak up a new invigorating energy lately.

You are still living life and living it well and despite the slight feelings of lack caused by desiring something you don’t have or don’t have enough of- all seems rather alright in your world and you are having lots of good luck and blessings coming your way. Your confidence is up high this month as you feel a sense of your good luck and good vibes all abound. Lucky you Taurus! Be sure to show appreciation to those who show you kindness and favor and to the universe for working with you- keep putting off those happy and confident vibes you!


GEMINI June 20-July 20

Gemini astrology symbol free hororsopes

You’ve been a bit of your own champion lately- keeping yourself in line, doing the right things, staying true to who you are as a person in this great big world. You are now looking inside yourself more than before- and this also could mean taking a step back or a break from certain people and scene’s in your life so you can gain a new perspective of things, your place in certain situation and how things might go from here. I’m feeling like that for many of you, there could be some need or wish to speak to a wise family member or friend this month either to help you sort out a difficult situation or just simply because you miss them and they always helped you see things from a unique point of view.

Trying to decide on a path or a favorite color to wear even could pose as a challenge for you in the next week or two as well. I’m seeing a lot of temptation and opportunities coming up in the near future for Gemini’s so if you’ve been looking for a new job- you might find yourself trying to decide between a couple more options than you were expecting.

You’ll choose wisely in the weeks to come. A sound mind, a knack for success and careful planning are all traits you’ll be in tune with this month so keep moving forward my Gems!

CANCER July 21-August 9

cancer free horoscopes astrology

It looks like there’s enough frustration to go around for all of the Cancer community this month, I’m very sorry to say. I’m seeing that so many of you are almost butting your heads against doors trying to make them open up for you- trying to make some head way (pun intended) and you seem to be doing everything you should be doing, but you’ve found little to no return on all of your efforts to do the right thing or the best thing. While I am seeing that for most of you there’s been some small nods of acknowledgement in whatever form they might come in, but for you, these small thank youse can feel a bit insulting.

Despite your disappointments or the nonstop doors slamming in your face you still are determined to make peace with what has been and you continue with your perseverance to find a way to get to your set destination in work, life or love.  Your guides are asking me to ask you why you don’t just take a rest from all of this. They want you to ask yourselves- why is this path so important to you? What do you really want to prove? Call me crazy, but it seems like they are suggesting you let the torch down on this big mission and consider other paths or focuses you can bring your energy to. Try another door honey! ;) 

LEO August 10-September 15

leo astrology horoscopes

There’s been some recent changes going on in your life that I’m feeling have a lot to do with your own personal survival, your image or keeping another relationship or situation afloat. I’m seeing the Leo’s have been making strategic moves for the most part, doing what is unexpected or unique to ensure they are able to carry on with grace and ease. Many of you are experiencing a sense of happiness or even feeling victorious right now. You seem to have a lot of pieces falling into the right places in many aspects of your life and when I say ‘falling’, I mean it! I keep seeing sparkles that represent blessings falling upon the Leo’s this month. So while you surely will work hard to achieve success and good fortune, there will be other perks popping up that you never see coming.

Most of you are going to be very determined with keeping everything fair and balanced in your life and relationships right now too. It seems that you’d be an ideal mediator for two others who cannot find any points to agree on and might even find yourself actually doing that this month. Consider yourself on peace keeper duty and being much like a mother hen, making sure everyone gets their fair share of extra candy or chores.

You’re ability to create better situations and outcomes for yourself will be tested on a few occasions this month, but I see many of you being inspired to think outside of the box- to allow others to help, lead the way or give you valuable insights and this will be your best bet for future success- which I see coming your way.

VIRGO September 16-October 30

virgo astrology horoscopes

It looks like there will be feelings of doubt or suspicion around someone close to you this month as you get the feeling the things they say or the kindness they show might just be part of an act. They may be a friend or even a lover, but you’ll find yourself unable to shake the feeling that something is off or wrong. As if they are hiding something or not telling you the whole story.

This matter will not be the center of your universe though, as I see many of you still having a positive outlook on life and are keeping busy with a new project or hobby that you are in the midst of mastering or completing. There’s a lot of feelings of joy and pride coming along for Virgo’s as they are able to make some big accomplishments that have taken great focus and hard work.

There’s still more to be done though- it’s never ending isn’t it? Always another thing to check off your list of things to do. You’ll continue to carry out your duties in good time, with successful results and be able to juggle other aspects of life well too. You definitely have a knack for keeping your balance this month.

LIBRA October 31-November 22

libra horoscope astrology

For the Libra’s, I’m seeing a month that is full of big concerns and a lot of energy going towards the family unit happening. There’s a big impulse in you, a need to make a connection stronger or just better between you and a special loved one you have grown apart from in the recent months or years and the relationship has started to fall apart because of this. Whether it was a feud or just distance that has caused a rift- you are feeling inspired and the importance of reconnecting this month.

I’m seeing a lot of sadness around family again- so there could be concern over the health and well-being of someone very close to you or you are touched by someone else’s story of loss and lost time this month that has you feeling more appreciative of every moment you have.

I do see other issues coming up regarding money- balancing the budget, whether you can help someone else out or afford to give out loans. I do feel you will be able to help someone this month, but not to the extent that you wish you could- you have worries of your own to deal with, after all. 

SCORPIO November 23-November 29

scorpio horoscopes astrology


There might be some of that feeling like your heart was ripped out disappointment kick starting your month as you’re feeling shut out by someone you are trying to reach out to or get through to. I am seeing for many of you, your feelings and hopes and even self-views around yourself based on this person’s acceptance has taken a toll on you emotionally, but you are still keeping hopes alive for the best and that they will understand you and where you’re coming from sooner than later.

I’m also picking up on issues with you not feeling like being such an over achiever this month as you try to muster up the will power or leadership like qualities to get you off your butt and moving like you know you should be doing! Honestly though, I don’t feel like this is so much a matter of being lazy or not caring about anything as it is about you just feeling burned out and wanting a nice long break from everything. You will indeed get more quiet time this month as you say no to doing things you’re really just not in the mood for and don’t mind using the ‘n’ word (no) even in the face of those persistent people that like to try to convince you of doing things their way.


Ophiuchus November 30-December 17

ophiuchus horoscope 13 zodiac astrology

Some hard hitting truths are likely to be coming out sometime this month that will leave many Ophi’s feeling a little short of breath. Your need to keep things together and working as they normally do will be of high importance as certain situations or people you felt you could count on being there are not looking like such a sure bet right now. This might leave you feeling unbalanced or like things are going to fall apart.

I’m hearing from my guides that sometimes things change and people change too- sometimes this makes us change as well as we must learn to adapt to a new set of circumstances that we had no way to really prepare for. When you get to these times in life it is important to see what opportunities might arise, how there can be some benefit or opening door that comes along because of the shifts and the changes that occur in our lives- pushing us to grow, to learn something new and to survive another mini crisis- or a full blown real one!

Things will be ok even if they are not panning out the way you thought they would or feel they should. We cannot control everything and will always find a way to roll with the punches. Some quiet time and solitude might be a good thing to indulge in this week as you will have a lot on your mind.


SAGITTARIUS December 18-January 18

sagittarius horoscopes astrology

It looks like many of you have recently been dealing with a lot of hard times and struggles and probably have felt like you couldn’t take anymore challenges. You are moving a little past this energy of hardships and are finding a better sense of balance and a happy ending to come now. While things might have not been the easiest on you- you have gotten or are getting to the place where you are not in shock or in fear of what comes next, but you will be taking active actions to making things the best they can be or at least trying to. The odds might have been stacked against you, but you will have the will to make it work or make the best damn lemonade anyone has had before.

An inability to trust someone or hear what they are trying to tell you could prove to be a small issue this month as well, I’m hearing you won’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt or trust their words or promises, but you should be aware they do have good intentions and need to have some faith put in them right now.

Good money making or business decisions being made are also in the horizon for the month of May- trust your gut when it comes to work or money. I’m seeing big payoffs for moderate risks happening here. Maybe some of you should play the lotto? (wink)


CAPRICORN January 19-February 15

capricorn horoscopes astrology

Recent news has come along and it looks that they are creating big changes and possibilities in your life and future. This could be a new child on the way, a new member of your family or fold of friends or a new partnership occurring in business. This seems to be great news as it launches you to a new adventure in life that has you feeling very happy and on top of the world, like anything is possible now.

I do feel you are still grounded in life and in the world and are also making some careful plans for your future and the life changes and needs you foresee becoming necessary in the months or years to come, so one or more long term plans will be made this month as well.

There could be a brief time when you are feeling left out on something big or not getting details you feel you should know about, I’m seeing that this situation will turn into a wonderful thing as that person you feel isn’t opening up to you will come around and surprise you with a very big moment that lets you know that you are important to them.


AQUARIUS February 16-March 11

aquarius horoscope astrology

I’m seeing a lot of emotional up’s and down’s happening this month for the Aquarius folks. There will be a deep amount of sympathy or empathy for someone you have an encounter with that really makes you feel connected on a heart to heart level. This feels like a situation or a shared experience that will make you want to have more passion for those you love and appreciate. By passion I don’t really mean getting all lovey dovey and having sexy time with everyone you like, but taking more time to think about your friendships and connections and relationships with others.

I’m getting the feeling there will be some of you who will feel let down or upset when others aren’t seeming to notice or appreciate the extra thought and care you’ve given to them- even compromises you made that helped them out and left you at a disadvantage. This could lead to some tension or arguing so try to be practical while being kind so that you can avoid any awkward situations or ones where you’ll be taken advantage of somehow.

PISCES March 12-April 18

pisces horoscopes astrology

I’m feeling there’s been some closing doors in the life of many Pisces’s right now and this can be a little saddening or disappointing for many of you, but I’m not seeing a total breakdown in your ability to carry on and find something new to focus on or enjoy.

While results or outcomes have been disappointing you are able to look within yourself and have a sense of self-love, appreciation and I’m seeing a strong sense of confidence in a lot of you. You are seeing life as good and working out for you or leading you to a better place; every door that closes, another one opens- right!?

Your positive outlook is amazing and will be needed to carry you on during this month. Your ability to see a way out of every situation is a blessing as you navigate through a touchy situation where opposing thoughts are put out together and a need for a compromise is about to take place.

Keeping a cool head and sticking to the facts will be your best way of handling things and while you might not reach the conclusion or compromise you wanted initially or little to no progress is made, it will still be important to keep a clear mind and play by the rules or be mindful of your manners when dealing with negotiations or delegations this month. 


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