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Jessica Lee


Growing Up Psychic - Entry 1

Posted by Jessica Lee on April 5, 2015 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (1)



I had just turned 8 in August when my dad had gotten me a very cool pink Huffy Bike for my birthday. I thought it was the coolest bike I had ever seen since the tires were actually pink. I think that was the first girl bike to do such a thing actually, which makes me feel like a dinosaur now. I really loved riding that bike around the block and morning on the weekend the first thing I would want to do is get on my bike and go for a ride. I had one small problem though. I wasn't able to get on that "big girl' bike on my own. The seat was much higher up than I was used to, so I would have my mom and/or older brother hold my bike firmly up while I got a boost up and climbed aboard before I could go anywhere.

On one particular Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for the day. When I got outside to our big backyard, my mom and brothers were already outside. My mom was doing some weeding and my brothers were running around playing. I asked for some help on my bike and then I was off for my trip around the block. First down the drive way and next a right turn towards the first corner. Another right there and the next corner so I then had a full block to ride down and I could see who was out and about already. I didn't see any signs of my friends outside yet so onward I continued to the next corner to make another right, then soon after the last corner to make my final right hand turn before heading back to my house to check-in. That last corner was usually a little tricky for me unless I slowed down a bit.

At the corner of Frazho and Schoenherr road in Warren, Michigan was a 1 story house with a large gravel drive-way and those little rocks have given me trouble before. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to plan ahead and hit the brakes before approaching them and as I made my turn back to get on my block my tires began to skid out and before I knew it, I had lost control of my bike and as the bike slid down to the ground the rocks ripped across my knee leaving me with a bloody wound. My knee throbbed and it hurt and was oozing out blood at a scary pace even for me. Needless to say I was freaked out, but I was still a big girl and knew I couldn't just sit there and cry about it. There was no one outside to help me and I needed to get home. So up back on my feet I went. I picked up my bike and started to limp while walking my bike back home.

The pain stung worse with every step I took. Every second felt like an eternity and my house was 3 away from the other end of the block which made my trip back seem like it would take days under my current condition. It was going to be a long and torturous walk if I continued in my current condition. I stopped to take a break at least 3 times before I decided I needed to do something different. I knew I had to try to get back on my bike, all on my own. It was scary and it hurt like hell, but the thought of walking all the way home with my knee hurting as bad as it did seemed like an unbearable trip I didn't have it in me to make. Either I would end up standing in one spot holding my bike up and looking like an idiot for who knows who long; waiting for my knee to stop hurting, or I could suck it up and find a way to get on my bike without help. Then, I could at least petal on my bike with my good leg and let my bad one rest and I would be home much faster too.

I had seen other kids about my age and size get on a bike as big as mine all on their own. I decided that if they could do it, so could I, I just needed to figure it out. It was tricky, trying to keep the bike steady while I had one foot on a pedal and tried to pull myself up and on the bike. It kept wobbling and tipping over. It took about 5 tries before I was able to figure out the right angle and rhythm I needed to literally climb aboard, but finally I did it. I was so excited and proud of myself. This was a skill I hadn’t mastered in a long time and here I was- up on my bike all by myself. I couldn't wait to tell my mom and suddenly forgot about all of the pain in my knee. The pain was an old thought and now all I could think about was how happy I was that I mastered getting on my bike all by myself.

Full speed ahead and off to my mommy's house I went. I flew up the drive-way and into the backyard, grinning ear-to-ear. When it was time to get off my bike, I did it carefully, so I didn't send my knee back into a state of throbbing pain. My mom was sitting by the fence where a wall of grape leaves were growing like a wild vine along the metal chain-link fence and I told her all about my adventure and accomplishment. I was beyond thrilled.

It was then that I heard the birds chirping and felt the warm sun on my face. I began to open my eyes just to realize that the whole thing was just a dream. It was a good dream at least. I got out of my bed, put on some fresh clothes and proceeded to get ready for the day so I could head outside and get on my bike. As usual, I had my mom hold up my pink Huffy bike and my brother Jason helped boost me up onto the seat. Off I went, down the drive-way and to the right. I circled to the block behind me to find that none of my friends were outside playing yet and decided to head back home. On that last corner, where the circle gravel driveway was, I lost control of my bike and fell to the ground. My knee was a mess and bloody and the pain was horrible. At first I tried to walk my bike home, but I soon realized that would take forever and would be a painful walk. It seemed my only choice now was to try to get on my bike on my own. I looked around first, but no one was around to help me. I tried and I tried and after a few tries I did it! I was so happy and proud and rode my bike with one leg all of the way home where I told my mom all about how I got hurt and got on my bike by myself.

It wasn't until after I had completed my journey and told my mom all about my great new accomplishment that Deja vu struck me and I realized that I had just dreamt the whole thing the night before. Everything was the same. Getting on my bike, seeing no one was outside playing, the same place I fell and the whole mental conversation about the best way to get home as well as being able to get on my bike for myself, right down to me telling my mom all about it. At that point I told my mom how this was my dream and how everything in my dream came true. There had been other strange experiences I had in the past where I either knew what was going to happen before it did or saw people that could not really be there and now, apparently I was having dreams that came true. I told my mom I thought I was psychic, but she didn't accept that as an explanation.

I'll never forget that day or that dream.

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