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Angels, Demons, Scary Times

Posted by Jessica Lee on September 19, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I would say, it was probably around January/Febuary of 2016 when I noticed the phone calls I would get from clients or potential clients; well, things really started to get a bit unusual, even for me!

I mean, yes I'm the "Secret Psychic" and at times, people ask me for things like Mediumship readings, which I didn't do by choice, or about some of my supernatural experiences growning up. Like, back before I learned about how to protect myself from every willy nilly spirit that might fly by and decide they liked they way I kicked it or as the case seemed to me back then, a spirit that was like "OMG REALLY SHE SEES ME!! Oh, I'm not letting this one go, she can help me!!!!!" sort of spirits that might run about the world. 

I mean, in this life, this world, --- well, it takes all kinds! Does it not? You got this group of people, beings, and all that, and other groups and then even within each elect group- everyone is just their own person, aren't they?

I am white, so as nature I GUESS would have it, I'm around a majority of white folks. BUT are we all just alike? NOPE! Shoot, I'm staying on a ranch with a man, actually a few (GO ME LOL) but one of them, he even shares my last name and I swear he works my nerves over like no other! He's pompus, expects everyone to 'respect' him, which to me is his way of saying - kiss his ass just the right way. Oh lord, don't let a day go by without feeding princess either! He'll literally lay up in his RV all day pissing and moaning about not being fed! (Like he can't walk his ass outside and even ASK if anyone has food) He, I guess needs this 'food' or feeding hand delivered? Geez..

Ok so point here is... yeah, I'm aware that just as in human form, as it is with the spirit world; it does take all kinds and you're going to get some awesomeone's along your way that want to help, That treat you with care, compassion, patient and who seek to build you up and get you to the next destination in your life SAFELY!

Then, you have those other kinds, that want to laugh at you, work you up, poke you like a sleeping bear and then tell you you're crazy- ohhh or fuck with you when you're all alone... and then they let your whole family think you're off your rocker!

Oh yea, those types, they know what they are doing and they laugh at you when you're losing it, questioning your own sanity or attacking someone you love or that loves you over the fear and doubt they so carefully placed in your mind or heart.... alienating you even further.

This is a topic I can delve into deeper and will another day, God willing, but for now, I'd like to discuss this rash of unusual, supernatural question I keep getting this year. 

I think the most alarming one was from a client, I'll call Sara. Apparently, Sara was a married woman, with a teenage son, we'll call him Donnie. Well, dad over there works a lot, so mom and son do have a lot of time together, which is cool, I would think, but then they were joined by another guy and it wasn't daddy!! Nope, instead of dad, something else was lurking around their home (not that daddy was a 'lurker') but this being spoke to the mom one day while her son was out of the room. 

According to my, understandably very freaked out client, this thing, this being it looked like a black man, but it had animal like features.. it also could speak and it tried to convince her that her son was a bad person or in the future would be and that she, his own mother had to take him out and kill her own son!!

Thankfully she did not listen, but her son did hear this message and see this thing too and he hid and feared for his life- from his own mother after this being came to make his presence known. 

Now, in this situation, (and this is just one example) I was #1 relieved to hear the mother did not really even think of doing what the spirit or preminition instructed her to do. The message I was hearing from the creator was actually more of a reminder about the rumors I would hear about end time predictions. You know TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS

We ALLLLLLLLL are being tested right now. You can trust that and what we do, what we think, what we say, even our feelings - you better believe the creator, the angels, Daemons, and all spiritual bodies that are in tune are recording what we all do. Even me, heck I'm not immune to these trials. I am on trial right now! 

I had a spirit tell me one night seemingingly all in one breath "Yes, you're coming home! You are loved!!! Now crash into this highway wall and everything will be OK!"

WHAT ??????????????????????????????? 

I can slight ly see how, yes in order to go back to creator, God, Source, whichever you prefer to call our maker, yes, at some point, death is necessary, but why would I hear from spirit years ago about how I have important work to do down the road, then just as the viel opens (yes I saw it... ) and I'm hearing how I am supposed to help in the end times and with rebuilding too... why would God or anyone want me to commit suicide???

Oh, it didn't take long for me to know, hear and realize that wasn't the right type of spirit offering suggestions.

Mind you though, when I say the 'right' type of spirit, I am not hating on or even judging whatever spirit tried to get me to off myself.

SHocking, I know, but to me, God even hired slick talkers and tricksters to do some work here. We all have our parts to play really.

Me, I play more of the cheer leader type, I rally the 144 troops, as I can and am able. I speak truth about my journey, help others know they aren't alone or crazy and over all, try to be of help to those who are afraid or struggling. 

And others out there, have choosen to take on the role of the instigator, the tester, the trickster... and in all honesty, I mean, someone has to do it. Someone either happily makes the sacrifice to fuck with ppl's heads lol ORrrr do so because they care so much they want to help ppl realize what NOT to do or what NOT to be like and as spirit has explained to me here and there along my journey, some of our spiritual ancestors and even people currently on the planet now playing these roles, they are actually doing it out of a very selfless love.

They know how bad it can get, or fear how bad it will get and when propositioned with the roles they find themselves playing (as the bad guy) they only hope by taking on that role, they will stop someone worse, more sadistic, or blood thirsty from getting their fingers on those they do love. 

Keep in mind over the years, if you can. We are all in this together. There is no we without you and I and yet there is no I in team. 

Every spiritual experience you have now, every supernatural one.... BE on guard.

Know how to be intune with YOUR OWN CONNECTION TO GOD! That 'oh shit!!" feeling you get when someone tells you a story about some messed up stuff.


If a human, spirit or purple people eater himself shows up telling you something or insisiting you do something and you get that OH SHIT vibe---- you better not do a damn t hing!

You also need to learn the difference of what fuels your fear in these days.

Is it a serious feeling of impending doom or, could it be pure ignorance and fear of something that is unknown and unfamiliar??

I had to question myself about this after hearing a voice in a recording back in January.

I was so scared!! I tossed my brand new phone onto my red pleather sectional... heart racing at the speek of light and that's when my guide checked me for a 3rd time that night lol. First was about WHY I was recording anything and who it was for and then after the playback ... She asked me what I was afraid of and when given those 2 options of the fear coming from a sense or feeling that the voice wanting to harm me or just my ignorance and not knowing-- yes, I did blush. 

My advice though, READ.. Understand there is something called Angel Magic and it's not just some bullshyt made up for the show of Supernatural so Dean and Sam Winchester look cool with wierd painted on tats or oddly decorated walls in certain scenes. 



While you're at it, understand the amazing power the creator has given us all (should be choose to accept it)


some call this metaphysics, will power, law of attraction.. me - I call it REAL SHIT that can and will save your ass.

More advice I have... Forget about keeping up with the joneses!

Look, I'm no joke walking between worlds these days. Only some will know what I'm talking about or believe me lol either way.. I've seen people who are in hell and I'm sorry to tell you- hell is looking a lot like, being a master craftsman, able to work your ass off on just about everything and then... getting paid $20 after a 12 hour day... and when that job is done, do it again somewhere else. 

Sounds weird, I know and maybe this is just one level or type of hell I'm seeing in my journey's but ... I sure don't want to live like that!

A deeper truth to be told here and now though is this: 

HEAVEN AND HELL have BOTH come to merge with the Earth.

So, we have essentially, 3 worlds colliding here.. Ohhh what fun! Some Angels, Demons... who knows what's in between or just waiting to pop out and let their voices and presence be seen (what's behind the gnome in the front yard?? A REAL GNOME aweeee shit!! )

Real talk- as I tend to bring it, understand that what you focus on, feel, dwell on, the energy you carry about you day and night (positive or negative // Glass half full and room for more or glass half empty and that asshole drank the last of the juice), well that mind set or as my dear friend Lawson said, "Transctional Analysis" of the situation, it will only boost more experiences and mind sets of others into your waking and living experience here on this orb we call Earth.

Been crying about people disrespecting you? Well, if they truly have been, it will keep on until you change your attitude, your vocabulary or even your own mental awareness of it. In some cases you'll need to confront the situation until you can be free of that merri-go-round of disrespect you are butt-hurt over.

Feeling like your boyfriend is always looking at another lady longer and he doesn't really care for you, even though he hasn't cheated, comes home every night and tells you he loves you 20 times a day?

Better check yourself or find out he all of a sudden took up with cheating (since you treat him like one anyways)

I'm not validating or OKing a cheater or dishonest relationship in the least, BUT if you know anything about  the power of thoughts, how fast all humans are starting to manifest things into their existance, well, you would be VERY MINDFUL of what random thoughts you let take up space in your head, what idiotic or sadistic speakers in your world, (in home or not, Human or mystery species) plants worry or fear in your heart and mind.

Remember GOD WILL test us, but rise up to these test and stay true to who you are and who you were before the world went upside down and the viel opened.

Know that yes, we are living in the last days. That we will need to show God through ACTIONS as well as words and the purity of my thoughts, intentions and feelings exactly where our new address will be for that whole 1000 years of peace and when it finally starts. Choose wisely- be KIND TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Patience- Self- Respect - INTEGRITY - HONESTY - BOUNDARIES

This is what is needed. That and lack of judgment !

Don't forget, despite the crap I talk about Mr. Whiny pants on the Ranch here, I didn't forget that only 1 soul is going to judge him and trust, I'm glad it isn't me!! AHA


Posted by Jessica Lee on September 16, 2016 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Texas to Michigan

back to the begininning

Alexandria - Louis-e-Anne

Rockafeller - I love AMMON

My mother - She's priceless

I AM a daughter of Isis

The numbers were thrices

We all have our vices

Just try to make nicest

You see, I'm a wise miss.

Don't know? Then I'm hopeless

Cuz not all will get this

When you drink holy waters

to explain any farther

is to speak of angels

and flying saucers

Don't even think, 

I am so blessed

to be spared a downgrade

Lose the things; A good life made

Hey, I am not even perfect

Sure wouldn't even pretend

I just have verses

to explain my ressurange

taking place in my life

(Some say, it's just in my mind)

I'm just saying

I've seen rainy days and

Dropped tons of tears - After 5 years

Of barren springs - Now my heart beats

I'm still human

but still I'm more

I AM still smiling

Even though 'poor'

I'm lacking in dollars

as I write this

I'm still blessed

and feel righteous

But not self-righteous

not puffed with pride

Just trust that my steps are 

guided by the divine

There's watchers

who're watching

I know where they dwell. 

Straight from Dominion

between heavens and hells

Tracking my motions

Got partols playing guide

There's nowhere to run to.. 

No point telling lies

Space after space

Time after time

My spirit goes back

to a place before time. 

Coming to the edge 

of the milky way

Sirius - it's the stars

That I gaze. 

The Triangulum

Is where my people

Are from

Royals of Heaven


It's creator's that guide me

Numbers and Shapes

The do find me

This Phenoix

Is Rising

Not spiritually blinded. 

Play in fires

then feel the burn

I like it hot

So it's all A's 

that I earn. 

Got an 8 on my wrist


Time traveling shit


I'll have a story

to tell of my rise

up from the ashes

waking in dark nights. 

These records keep spinning

These songs never stop

Despite every death

Every stop and the cops

God walks with me

And sent me to the rock

Real lifes - Past Lives

After Life - We'll realize

It is what it is. 

It was what it was

It be what it be - 

It never stops. 

4 WINDS 44 Mathew 13:44

Posted by Jessica Lee on March 25, 2016 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I didn't think I'd be posting this all over FB.. I was nervous enough to even think about posting any of it to my blog! Talk about bad for business! Or potentially so! I mean, I know exactly how insane this all sounds and even my ex said this was 'crazy talk' when I told him about my experiences with time travel or at least and I believe is likely the most correct term for what we experienced now , least that's what I'm being inspired to see this as right now as I type this - REALITY JUMPING seeing what at first I thought were drones, but later came to realize were telepathic ET's, Speaking to them, or rather listening. I mean, all I could possibly have is questions, aside from a few replies or answers when they ask me about things, or what path I would choose, the 'end of the world as we know it' Thing suddenly flying out of black holes, (Which has NEVER happened in our recorded history!!! and the reality jumping, ET's, humming, vibrational shifts, high pitched frequencies in the ears, electrical disturbances (which can range from hard time hearing ppl or them hearing you due to strange static or even more eerie electrical impulses, Power outages, internet/cable/cell phone towers being down in large areas of the country or even world at the same time, literally feeling the energy around you surge and noticing even the refrigerator out outside electrical conduits are vibrating at the same frequencies, hearing 2 then 3 repeating patterns of sounds and frequency, hearing strange sirens out of no where that appear to sound off for only a moment at times, or travel at others. I find these also sound like multiple sirens police, EMS, Fire and then some other fast paced one that has a much higher pitch as well and really put the fear in me initially lol, but they ramy friend/neighbor Michele who also at first thought I was out of touch just a tad, but then came to see and believe as well, and my sons Luke & Ollie, who are very young, so I wouldn't even expect them to have really noticed at the time, but Lucas MIGHT recall over hearing what I was saying. That's def. one I need to document, and thank the creator of all creations and creator and the point zero from all that came for my pretty darn good photographic memory! lol

Your total is $31.13

Posted by Jessica Lee on January 10, 2016 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Oh, that's not odd... lol. I went to Kroger's to pick up a few things and my total was $31.13 and I got one of those "This means something" vibes when I saw that... First I thought "Mirror Effect"  and "Reset", but of course, I had to be on my way since I doubt the people in line behind me would want to have me hold up their day pondering the meaning behind 3113... So I googled "3113 + Sacred Geometry" thinking MAYBE there was some special shape or sound it was related too..


On the first page the only thing I really noticed was listings for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateralus_(song)" target="_blank">3113 Tool Lateralus song.

I went on to page 2 of the google search "3113 + Sacred Geometry and seen a few links about the Aztec Calander, the Mayan Calander and Sacred Geometry in Europe. 



"In https://sacredsites.com/europe/sacred_geography_in_ancient_europe.html" target="_blank">3113 BC, the comet, known as Proto-Encke, collided with asteroids in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, resulting in the Taurid meteors widely associated with the Bronze Age. As this comet then passed near to the earth it caused massive geological and climatological influences, including destroying an estimated half of the infrastructure of Atlantis"


"Start of the Mayan calendar (long count cycle): [ 4 Ahau 8 Cumku ] is Aug 10, 3113 BC "



"The commonly-agreed start time of August 6-13, 3113 BC was used as the origin of the cycle"


I still had a feeling there was more to the 3113 number... so I googled 3113 + Occult (for those who don't know, "Occult" doesn't mean evil- it simply means hidden) I came across this link and feel there's something important here... Could be wrong, but I no longer feel the need to look around 3113 right now lol Here it is!! The channeled message is occult too hahaha You can only read it if you highlight over it, though he does write it out again below the books, while attempting to interpret the message and also stating what he found after trying to research what was scribed.. ‪#‎MINDBLOWN‬




5 Steps to Higher Intuition

Posted by Jessica Lee on April 6, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been lucky to be intouch with my intuition naturally. It helps me avoid bad situations at times, bad people and it allows me to help out other people too and meet new friends as well! Still, even I have my own days where I feel clueless, out of touch and uncertain in life. It is then when I realize I need to get back in touch with myself and my higherself as well as the flow of the universe. It is when I feel relaxed, calm, and connected that I am most intuitive. Here are some of the things I do that help me get back in touch with my higherself and connectivity with the energy around us all so that I am able to be more perceptive and help others like yourself with psychic readings and energy healing.


I used to meditate a lot more back when I only had one child to look after, sometimes for as long as 2 hours at a time. It was always a transcendal moment for me once I fully let go and allowed myself to be pulled into the sense and feeling of being a part of everything around me. These days, now with 3 boys and the younger two being ages 2 & 4, it's a lot more difficult to find some time to meditate. I understand how life can be crazy busy and feeling like you never have time to relax. Still, I try to meditate when I can, which sometimes ends up only being for 10 minutes while I fold clothes, 3 minutes while I am vacuuming, while soaking in the tub with some essential oils. If possible I will take on a standard sitting meditation position, other times I simply lay down on the sofa or the bed and let myself get relaxed.

Most people don't understand that our intuition comes from within. It seems like a lot of people feel as if it is something that comes from some other place that they must find. The truth is, it is within us all and when we look inward; that is where we will find it. 

The main things I try to achieve while meditating is relaxation, breath control, visulization (when needed), the ability to acknowledge random thoughts and see them as messages from my subconscious, but not dwelling on that message right then. I put a little sticky on it and remember to meditate or concentrate on that later. Then letting the thought go and trying to relax and clear my mind again. It's a process. 

By meditating you not only get the health benefits of less stress, anxiety and depression; but, you also create healthier brain activity and stretch out your mind muscles which allows for higher connectivity ability to notice those messages from your own intuition.


There's things you want to know about, right? Well you need to ask the question before you get the answer!

Trust me when I say, we all have spirit guides available to us and also access to our higherselves, energy vibrations and a connection to the creative universe all around us. There are many ways to tap into your intution and get the right message and answer delivered to you. All you need to do is ask first. Send out an S.O.S in your mind and ask yourself the questions that require furrther inisight and answer. Many times while doing a psychic reading I will take a first look and pick up a lot of things on my own around the past, present, inner feelings, challenges and outcomes. Still, when clients ask more questions about their situations, I continue to get more answers. This is entirely because the question is being asked. It can have some magically effect of bringing thoughts, images, feelings, voices and all sorts of information to the front of the mind. Much like hearing a few notes of an old favorite song will make you remember a certain person or a special day. 







Of course, you can't just ask a question and not wait for the answer. Some answers will come faster than others, but either way, you'll never know the answer if you aren't paying attention. There are various ways to get your answer. Sometimes it will be through a song that gives you a certain feeling. something someone says, a random thought that flows through your mind that gives special meaning to what you asked about. Some people say there is a special message when you find a lot of synchronicity in your waking hours. This could be a certain repeating number that is telling you to pay attention to something, hearing a certain word repeatidly, any kind of repeating pattern really. Other times it will be the feeling in your gut - just a feeling alone. With more meditation and practicing awareness, you will get better and understanding the signs around you and how to interpret them.






Many times, our intuition speaks to us through our dreams. Some consider this our subcious working matters out. I consider the subcious and intuition to be intertwined. It is a good practice to keep track of your dreams, which may hold messages or even clues that will point you towards the answers you need in life. Journaling can also be good for automatic writing experiences once you begin to master letting go with your writing and jotting random thoughts down or even getting into a meditative state while holding a pen against paper. Many people have uncovered messages through this form of channeling information from one's own higher-self, spirit guides or other spirits within the realms of the unseen. It is important to be sure you are grounded and practice some form of psychic self-defense before attempting any form of channeling or spirit communication.


I know I say this kind of constantly, especially on this site. but we are connected. Every atom that has ever been has passed through each person, each animal, plant, ameobia, pebble and stream. This universe is fluid and it moves through us all. Some even say there is another universe within every spec of sand in a beach. I am convinced there are an infinite number of universes that live within every cell of our being as well. As above, so below, I believe is familiar saying that seems to apply here. 

Something only mystics used to preach is now being confirmed and that something we cannot ignore. We are all connected. The more I think about things and how everything and everyone connects the smaller I feel on a cosmic level. As if it all has swallowed me up and I am one ring among many in a finger print or a mosiac piece of art. The more you can understand and accept this concept the more it opens you up to feeling energies vibrations around you and it helps you to tune in to the people around you as well. The more you see other people as reflections of yourself; the more peaceful and relaxed you will become. Which will increase your intuition substatially as you because to live in the moment and the flow of all the energy around you. You'll find yourself more aware of positive energies as well as negative ones. Your mind awake with deeper thoughts and understandings of the world around you and find intuitive knowledge about things you didn't even know you knew. 

Just relax, open up, ask some questions and be sure to listen and record what you experience and observe. But most importantly fell your connection with everything- with the trees, the wind, the sky, the stars, the sun, your family, the bees, the ants and the soil you walk on. With those things in mind and action, you will notice things your intuition has to show you and might realize when it was trying to speak to you before.


Jessica Lee


Growing Up Psychic - Entry 1

Posted by Jessica Lee on April 5, 2015 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (1)



I had just turned 8 in August when my dad had gotten me a very cool pink Huffy Bike for my birthday. I thought it was the coolest bike I had ever seen since the tires were actually pink. I think that was the first girl bike to do such a thing actually, which makes me feel like a dinosaur now. I really loved riding that bike around the block and morning on the weekend the first thing I would want to do is get on my bike and go for a ride. I had one small problem though. I wasn't able to get on that "big girl' bike on my own. The seat was much higher up than I was used to, so I would have my mom and/or older brother hold my bike firmly up while I got a boost up and climbed aboard before I could go anywhere.

On one particular Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for the day. When I got outside to our big backyard, my mom and brothers were already outside. My mom was doing some weeding and my brothers were running around playing. I asked for some help on my bike and then I was off for my trip around the block. First down the drive way and next a right turn towards the first corner. Another right there and the next corner so I then had a full block to ride down and I could see who was out and about already. I didn't see any signs of my friends outside yet so onward I continued to the next corner to make another right, then soon after the last corner to make my final right hand turn before heading back to my house to check-in. That last corner was usually a little tricky for me unless I slowed down a bit.

At the corner of Frazho and Schoenherr road in Warren, Michigan was a 1 story house with a large gravel drive-way and those little rocks have given me trouble before. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to plan ahead and hit the brakes before approaching them and as I made my turn back to get on my block my tires began to skid out and before I knew it, I had lost control of my bike and as the bike slid down to the ground the rocks ripped across my knee leaving me with a bloody wound. My knee throbbed and it hurt and was oozing out blood at a scary pace even for me. Needless to say I was freaked out, but I was still a big girl and knew I couldn't just sit there and cry about it. There was no one outside to help me and I needed to get home. So up back on my feet I went. I picked up my bike and started to limp while walking my bike back home.

The pain stung worse with every step I took. Every second felt like an eternity and my house was 3 away from the other end of the block which made my trip back seem like it would take days under my current condition. It was going to be a long and torturous walk if I continued in my current condition. I stopped to take a break at least 3 times before I decided I needed to do something different. I knew I had to try to get back on my bike, all on my own. It was scary and it hurt like hell, but the thought of walking all the way home with my knee hurting as bad as it did seemed like an unbearable trip I didn't have it in me to make. Either I would end up standing in one spot holding my bike up and looking like an idiot for who knows who long; waiting for my knee to stop hurting, or I could suck it up and find a way to get on my bike without help. Then, I could at least petal on my bike with my good leg and let my bad one rest and I would be home much faster too.

I had seen other kids about my age and size get on a bike as big as mine all on their own. I decided that if they could do it, so could I, I just needed to figure it out. It was tricky, trying to keep the bike steady while I had one foot on a pedal and tried to pull myself up and on the bike. It kept wobbling and tipping over. It took about 5 tries before I was able to figure out the right angle and rhythm I needed to literally climb aboard, but finally I did it. I was so excited and proud of myself. This was a skill I hadn’t mastered in a long time and here I was- up on my bike all by myself. I couldn't wait to tell my mom and suddenly forgot about all of the pain in my knee. The pain was an old thought and now all I could think about was how happy I was that I mastered getting on my bike all by myself.

Full speed ahead and off to my mommy's house I went. I flew up the drive-way and into the backyard, grinning ear-to-ear. When it was time to get off my bike, I did it carefully, so I didn't send my knee back into a state of throbbing pain. My mom was sitting by the fence where a wall of grape leaves were growing like a wild vine along the metal chain-link fence and I told her all about my adventure and accomplishment. I was beyond thrilled.

It was then that I heard the birds chirping and felt the warm sun on my face. I began to open my eyes just to realize that the whole thing was just a dream. It was a good dream at least. I got out of my bed, put on some fresh clothes and proceeded to get ready for the day so I could head outside and get on my bike. As usual, I had my mom hold up my pink Huffy bike and my brother Jason helped boost me up onto the seat. Off I went, down the drive-way and to the right. I circled to the block behind me to find that none of my friends were outside playing yet and decided to head back home. On that last corner, where the circle gravel driveway was, I lost control of my bike and fell to the ground. My knee was a mess and bloody and the pain was horrible. At first I tried to walk my bike home, but I soon realized that would take forever and would be a painful walk. It seemed my only choice now was to try to get on my bike on my own. I looked around first, but no one was around to help me. I tried and I tried and after a few tries I did it! I was so happy and proud and rode my bike with one leg all of the way home where I told my mom all about how I got hurt and got on my bike by myself.

It wasn't until after I had completed my journey and told my mom all about my great new accomplishment that Deja vu struck me and I realized that I had just dreamt the whole thing the night before. Everything was the same. Getting on my bike, seeing no one was outside playing, the same place I fell and the whole mental conversation about the best way to get home as well as being able to get on my bike for myself, right down to me telling my mom all about it. At that point I told my mom how this was my dream and how everything in my dream came true. There had been other strange experiences I had in the past where I either knew what was going to happen before it did or saw people that could not really be there and now, apparently I was having dreams that came true. I told my mom I thought I was psychic, but she didn't accept that as an explanation.

I'll never forget that day or that dream.

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