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Information and insight from the view of the Goddess Isis-Sophia, Ancient History, Sacred Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Magic Math and Astromony as well as Spiritual Truths and tales  of Jessica Lee's journey. 

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Posted by Jessica Lee on December 31, 2015 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (1)

So last night/middle of the night when I was attempting to relax and get to sleep I started to do a little meditating and just asked my higher self to show me things I need to know or be aware of/ focus on right now. One of the things that popped into my mind pretty much right away was a cube, but not just any cube.

It was the lightening blue cube I remember seeing back when I was about 16/17, maybe a year or so after my mom moved me and my 3 brothers out of the house we rented on Pattow street in Roseville, Michigan and into the house she bought in Eastpointe, Michigan on Saxony street.

As my younger brothers and some of my old time friends will probably recall - that house was haunted AF when we moved in. Literally, my first night in that house on Saxony, I could feel a strong dark presence and it was almost paralyzing for me. That first night, as I layed alone in my room curled up in the fetal position, quietly repeating to myself, "This house is haunted." over and over again, Meanwhile, in the basement, My older brother Jason and youngest brother Warren were getting setted into Jason's Queen bed when Jason saw a black face with red eyes inches from his face. He whimpered out for Warren to look and he saw it too, and right after it disappeared he saw someone standing at the end of the staircase, who he thought was my middle brother Leroy. Warren called out, "Lee?!" and that's when I heard Lee dart out from my mom's room across the hall from me and run downstairs. When he came back upstairs 10-15 minutes later, he flung my door open and said, "Guess what!?". Still in the fetal position and in freak out mode, all I could say was, "This house is haunted". Lee had a bit of a surprised smile on his face and said, "Why did something happen in here too?!".  I let it be known at that point that I hated being right and let out an eyeroll in the process. Still, I can talk more about that house another time!

Back to this cube, or as I had called it back then, the 3D Square...

Around the time I was 16/17 years old, I was definitely a full blown psychic, but I wanted to see if I could do anything else besides predict songs that would play on the radio or who was calling on the phone or when my best friends weed dealer would call after he was paged. I had borrowed a book from the library that was supposed to teach me how to connect with my higher self, meditate, have increased intuition and also master automatic writing and lucid dreaming. I would practice the meditation exercises the book suggested doing before I went to sleep. One that was geared towards relaxation prior to getting into a meditative trance where I would visualize myself walking up a spiral stair case and with each step up I would count backwards from 100 and at the same time would focus on relaxing different parts of my body. It was a tricky mental workout!!

So one night, I do my staircase work out and get myself relaxed and am just chilling there alone in my room, on my bed in my haunted ass house lol.Some days and nights were worse than others (and usually when one or both of my brothers were provoking the spirits in the house) and this night was one of the good ones since I was able to relax. So, there I am, just trying to relax and see what dreams may come when suddenly I was distracted by this bright flash of light. Mind you my eyes were closed when I was distracted from my meditation, but you know how it is when you're in a dark room and lights start flashing. Whether its a car's headlights beaming across your walls, someone turning on a flashlight, or someone on the other side of the door turning the hallway light on and off, even with your eyes closed, you know there is light.

I opened my eyes but nothing was there to explain the flashes of light I saw while my eyes were closed. So I returned to getting relaxed - but then I seen more flashes of light from under my eyelids and of course looked around my room again. Still, nothing to be seen that would explain the flashes of light. This happened another time or two before I was officially annoyed by the phantom flashes and sat up in my bed waiting for it to happen again so that I could finally see just wtf was making that flash while I was trying to relax! 

And then there it was- a freaking CUBE, back then I called it a 3D square- lol, It was just the edges and vertices that were visible and shined in a bright lightening blue color. There it sat, or rather floated, slowly spinning so that I could see it from every angle (apparently) right in front of my chest of drawers that was against the opposite wall from where my bed was at, and slightly above it. Then POOF it was gone, never to be seen again.

At the time, I chalked it up to the spirits that were in that house since they were typically very active and clearly enjoyed messing with me.  I honestly can't say for sure, so yes - Maybe it was them.Though the M.O. really didn't fit for those spirits. A typical run in with the various negative entities that were in the house in Eastpointe would consist of shadow people, shadows on the wall of the "Man in the Hat" - ‪#‎CREEPY‬. There would be items being thrown, beds shaking, tricking people into thinking my brother Leroy was in one place that he actually wasn't (they always liked taking on his image) midnight chokings etc.. So this random blue cube floating in my room, not hurting anyone, not invoking fear- just never really felt that blaming that on the spirits me and my brothers and even some of our friends dealt withm Well, it just never really fit well with me. I still think there is more to that. However, I honestly haven't even thought about that 3D square/cube in YEARS! Not until I tried to meditate  last night around 12/1 am December 29th/30th 2015.

Last night, I had my two youngest sons laying in bed with me. They still weren't quite asleep as I've been a bit too laxed with bed time latley. Still, we were all quietly laying in bed. I wasn't super tired yet so I decided to lay down on my back, put a light pillow over my face to block out any lights or distractions and to relax and meditate while it was quiet and I wasn't too tired. As I relaxed with slow deep breaths I asked my higher self to show me what I need to be aware of, focus on or know and  within minutes, I saw a flashback of that lightening blue cube floating in my old bedroom in Eastpointe, Michigan. Once I acknowledged to myself/higher self that I recognized what I was seeing, I then heard " Sacred Geometry ". Thanks to the internet, science, quantum theory, math and google- many people like myself that consider ourselves to be truth seekers have become familiar with a term known as "Sacred Geometry". However, I really can't say I know too much about it. All I have really learned about Sacred Geometry is from one of David WIlcock's shows on Gaia.com called Wisdom Teachings (highly recomend) and it is definitely complicated stuff, but the jist of what I can recall is that sacred geometry are geometric shapes that are found throughout nature, living things and (I could be wrong, but pretty sure he said) throughout the universe.

So since it was late at the time I was meditating and received this flashback image that was immediately followed up with the words "Sacred Geometry" and more so, because I was having a hard time getting the kids to allllll stay asleep I decided I didn't want to disturb the peace with a google search on my phone or my laptop, so I told myself I'll look into it later. Thankfully, my memory was jogged from another site I was reading earlier about the 11:11 phenomenon which I have been seeing A LOT of lately that lead me to doing the official google search on what I saw and heard the night before.

My first search was for "3D Square". I laughed at myself when the information that came up let me know that a 3D square is known as a cube. I always knew there was another word for the shape I had seen, but I could never think of the word myself and anytime I'd try to tell others what happened and what I saw and would try to get them to fill in the blank for the proper term of a 3D square, they'd all just look at me either clueless or like I was crazy so finally!!! Damn, near 20 years later the mystery term has been solved! SCORE! :) 

After I had the most accurate term to describe the shape I seen I did a google search for "Sacred Geometry + Cube". Here's a few of the sites I was drawn to clicking on and what they had to say: 

Link 1 (Be sure to scroll down to the How to Recognize Archangel Metatronand farther down for info on the link to the Tree of Life  articles!!) 

Link 2 (Video explanation of Metatron's Cube, Sacred Geometry and consciousness) 

Link 3 (A forum where another person saw the cube during meditation and is searching to know why or what it is about) 

If you're still with me and this epically long post check out those links and feel free tell me what you think.

I find it pretty interesting! Still, I feel there's more to this and I naturally have to wonder, why does my higher self think this is important for me to know and why did I see that spinning blue cube in the first place so many years ago? I'm open to anyone's ideas, thoughts or knowledge on what seems to be my vision of "Metatron's Cube". 



Posted by Jessica Lee on October 9, 2015 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

New Faces at the Tables

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5 Steps to Higher Intuition

Posted by Jessica Lee on April 6, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been lucky to be intouch with my intuition naturally. It helps me avoid bad situations at times, bad people and it allows me to help out other people too and meet new friends as well! Still, even I have my own days where I feel clueless, out of touch and uncertain in life. It is then when I realize I need to get back in touch with myself and my higherself as well as the flow of the universe. It is when I feel relaxed, calm, and connected that I am most intuitive. Here are some of the things I do that help me get back in touch with my higherself and connectivity with the energy around us all so that I am able to be more perceptive and help others like yourself with psychic readings and energy healing.


I used to meditate a lot more back when I only had one child to look after, sometimes for as long as 2 hours at a time. It was always a transcendal moment for me once I fully let go and allowed myself to be pulled into the sense and feeling of being a part of everything around me. These days, now with 3 boys and the younger two being ages 2 & 4, it's a lot more difficult to find some time to meditate. I understand how life can be crazy busy and feeling like you never have time to relax. Still, I try to meditate when I can, which sometimes ends up only being for 10 minutes while I fold clothes, 3 minutes while I am vacuuming, while soaking in the tub with some essential oils. If possible I will take on a standard sitting meditation position, other times I simply lay down on the sofa or the bed and let myself get relaxed.

Most people don't understand that our intuition comes from within. It seems like a lot of people feel as if it is something that comes from some other place that they must find. The truth is, it is within us all and when we look inward; that is where we will find it. 

The main things I try to achieve while meditating is relaxation, breath control, visulization (when needed), the ability to acknowledge random thoughts and see them as messages from my subconscious, but not dwelling on that message right then. I put a little sticky on it and remember to meditate or concentrate on that later. Then letting the thought go and trying to relax and clear my mind again. It's a process. 

By meditating you not only get the health benefits of less stress, anxiety and depression; but, you also create healthier brain activity and stretch out your mind muscles which allows for higher connectivity ability to notice those messages from your own intuition.


There's things you want to know about, right? Well you need to ask the question before you get the answer!

Trust me when I say, we all have spirit guides available to us and also access to our higherselves, energy vibrations and a connection to the creative universe all around us. There are many ways to tap into your intution and get the right message and answer delivered to you. All you need to do is ask first. Send out an S.O.S in your mind and ask yourself the questions that require furrther inisight and answer. Many times while doing a psychic reading I will take a first look and pick up a lot of things on my own around the past, present, inner feelings, challenges and outcomes. Still, when clients ask more questions about their situations, I continue to get more answers. This is entirely because the question is being asked. It can have some magically effect of bringing thoughts, images, feelings, voices and all sorts of information to the front of the mind. Much like hearing a few notes of an old favorite song will make you remember a certain person or a special day. 







Of course, you can't just ask a question and not wait for the answer. Some answers will come faster than others, but either way, you'll never know the answer if you aren't paying attention. There are various ways to get your answer. Sometimes it will be through a song that gives you a certain feeling. something someone says, a random thought that flows through your mind that gives special meaning to what you asked about. Some people say there is a special message when you find a lot of synchronicity in your waking hours. This could be a certain repeating number that is telling you to pay attention to something, hearing a certain word repeatidly, any kind of repeating pattern really. Other times it will be the feeling in your gut - just a feeling alone. With more meditation and practicing awareness, you will get better and understanding the signs around you and how to interpret them.






Many times, our intuition speaks to us through our dreams. Some consider this our subcious working matters out. I consider the subcious and intuition to be intertwined. It is a good practice to keep track of your dreams, which may hold messages or even clues that will point you towards the answers you need in life. Journaling can also be good for automatic writing experiences once you begin to master letting go with your writing and jotting random thoughts down or even getting into a meditative state while holding a pen against paper. Many people have uncovered messages through this form of channeling information from one's own higher-self, spirit guides or other spirits within the realms of the unseen. It is important to be sure you are grounded and practice some form of psychic self-defense before attempting any form of channeling or spirit communication.


I know I say this kind of constantly, especially on this site. but we are connected. Every atom that has ever been has passed through each person, each animal, plant, ameobia, pebble and stream. This universe is fluid and it moves through us all. Some even say there is another universe within every spec of sand in a beach. I am convinced there are an infinite number of universes that live within every cell of our being as well. As above, so below, I believe is familiar saying that seems to apply here. 

Something only mystics used to preach is now being confirmed and that something we cannot ignore. We are all connected. The more I think about things and how everything and everyone connects the smaller I feel on a cosmic level. As if it all has swallowed me up and I am one ring among many in a finger print or a mosiac piece of art. The more you can understand and accept this concept the more it opens you up to feeling energies vibrations around you and it helps you to tune in to the people around you as well. The more you see other people as reflections of yourself; the more peaceful and relaxed you will become. Which will increase your intuition substatially as you because to live in the moment and the flow of all the energy around you. You'll find yourself more aware of positive energies as well as negative ones. Your mind awake with deeper thoughts and understandings of the world around you and find intuitive knowledge about things you didn't even know you knew. 

Just relax, open up, ask some questions and be sure to listen and record what you experience and observe. But most importantly fell your connection with everything- with the trees, the wind, the sky, the stars, the sun, your family, the bees, the ants and the soil you walk on. With those things in mind and action, you will notice things your intuition has to show you and might realize when it was trying to speak to you before.


Jessica Lee


Growing Up Psychic - Entry 1

Posted by Jessica Lee on April 5, 2015 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (1)



I had just turned 8 in August when my dad had gotten me a very cool pink Huffy Bike for my birthday. I thought it was the coolest bike I had ever seen since the tires were actually pink. I think that was the first girl bike to do such a thing actually, which makes me feel like a dinosaur now. I really loved riding that bike around the block and morning on the weekend the first thing I would want to do is get on my bike and go for a ride. I had one small problem though. I wasn't able to get on that "big girl' bike on my own. The seat was much higher up than I was used to, so I would have my mom and/or older brother hold my bike firmly up while I got a boost up and climbed aboard before I could go anywhere.

On one particular Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for the day. When I got outside to our big backyard, my mom and brothers were already outside. My mom was doing some weeding and my brothers were running around playing. I asked for some help on my bike and then I was off for my trip around the block. First down the drive way and next a right turn towards the first corner. Another right there and the next corner so I then had a full block to ride down and I could see who was out and about already. I didn't see any signs of my friends outside yet so onward I continued to the next corner to make another right, then soon after the last corner to make my final right hand turn before heading back to my house to check-in. That last corner was usually a little tricky for me unless I slowed down a bit.

At the corner of Frazho and Schoenherr road in Warren, Michigan was a 1 story house with a large gravel drive-way and those little rocks have given me trouble before. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to plan ahead and hit the brakes before approaching them and as I made my turn back to get on my block my tires began to skid out and before I knew it, I had lost control of my bike and as the bike slid down to the ground the rocks ripped across my knee leaving me with a bloody wound. My knee throbbed and it hurt and was oozing out blood at a scary pace even for me. Needless to say I was freaked out, but I was still a big girl and knew I couldn't just sit there and cry about it. There was no one outside to help me and I needed to get home. So up back on my feet I went. I picked up my bike and started to limp while walking my bike back home.

The pain stung worse with every step I took. Every second felt like an eternity and my house was 3 away from the other end of the block which made my trip back seem like it would take days under my current condition. It was going to be a long and torturous walk if I continued in my current condition. I stopped to take a break at least 3 times before I decided I needed to do something different. I knew I had to try to get back on my bike, all on my own. It was scary and it hurt like hell, but the thought of walking all the way home with my knee hurting as bad as it did seemed like an unbearable trip I didn't have it in me to make. Either I would end up standing in one spot holding my bike up and looking like an idiot for who knows who long; waiting for my knee to stop hurting, or I could suck it up and find a way to get on my bike without help. Then, I could at least petal on my bike with my good leg and let my bad one rest and I would be home much faster too.

I had seen other kids about my age and size get on a bike as big as mine all on their own. I decided that if they could do it, so could I, I just needed to figure it out. It was tricky, trying to keep the bike steady while I had one foot on a pedal and tried to pull myself up and on the bike. It kept wobbling and tipping over. It took about 5 tries before I was able to figure out the right angle and rhythm I needed to literally climb aboard, but finally I did it. I was so excited and proud of myself. This was a skill I hadn’t mastered in a long time and here I was- up on my bike all by myself. I couldn't wait to tell my mom and suddenly forgot about all of the pain in my knee. The pain was an old thought and now all I could think about was how happy I was that I mastered getting on my bike all by myself.

Full speed ahead and off to my mommy's house I went. I flew up the drive-way and into the backyard, grinning ear-to-ear. When it was time to get off my bike, I did it carefully, so I didn't send my knee back into a state of throbbing pain. My mom was sitting by the fence where a wall of grape leaves were growing like a wild vine along the metal chain-link fence and I told her all about my adventure and accomplishment. I was beyond thrilled.

It was then that I heard the birds chirping and felt the warm sun on my face. I began to open my eyes just to realize that the whole thing was just a dream. It was a good dream at least. I got out of my bed, put on some fresh clothes and proceeded to get ready for the day so I could head outside and get on my bike. As usual, I had my mom hold up my pink Huffy bike and my brother Jason helped boost me up onto the seat. Off I went, down the drive-way and to the right. I circled to the block behind me to find that none of my friends were outside playing yet and decided to head back home. On that last corner, where the circle gravel driveway was, I lost control of my bike and fell to the ground. My knee was a mess and bloody and the pain was horrible. At first I tried to walk my bike home, but I soon realized that would take forever and would be a painful walk. It seemed my only choice now was to try to get on my bike on my own. I looked around first, but no one was around to help me. I tried and I tried and after a few tries I did it! I was so happy and proud and rode my bike with one leg all of the way home where I told my mom all about how I got hurt and got on my bike by myself.

It wasn't until after I had completed my journey and told my mom all about my great new accomplishment that Deja vu struck me and I realized that I had just dreamt the whole thing the night before. Everything was the same. Getting on my bike, seeing no one was outside playing, the same place I fell and the whole mental conversation about the best way to get home as well as being able to get on my bike for myself, right down to me telling my mom all about it. At that point I told my mom how this was my dream and how everything in my dream came true. There had been other strange experiences I had in the past where I either knew what was going to happen before it did or saw people that could not really be there and now, apparently I was having dreams that came true. I told my mom I thought I was psychic, but she didn't accept that as an explanation.

I'll never forget that day or that dream.

Things are changing

Posted by Jessica Lee on March 31, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

So... I'm sure some of you've noticed, my weekly horoscopes have been, well inconsistant. First it started being a matter of website problems, then it was stress due to some family issues that came up and I couldn't focus on much of anything and now- it's just life again. That and I have a hard time being able to set aside any specific time to get things done. Yes, I know it sucks!!!

I'm a single mom with 3 boys that are 10, 4 and 2 so with that alone I have my hands full- plus add in the house work, the laundry, helping my clients, keeping up with friends etc etc etc.. I'm not complaining, just saying I haven't had a day off or to myself in IDK how many years and even though I thought I could carve out 3-4 hours a week to just focus on the horoscopes and not do anything else, turns out even that is too large of a chunk of consecutive time for me to commit to. Trust me, I'm just as frustrated as my regular followers. 

I hate to be a quitter, but I've been avoiding making a decision on what to do at this point regarding my horocopes. I've been going back and forth between just saying "Sorry y'all, I just can't do it anymore." to thinking maybe I'll just work more on my blogging since it's probably more ideal and practical for me to just blog/write about something I find interesting that pertains to the psychic/spiritual/supernatural etc. I have always been told I was a good writer and have even been published for some small works when I was 17 (clears throat) and thanks to my choice is skipping my Business Math class in High School since my teacher was a super big bore and kind of an ass I decided to educate myself in typing in the library instead so now I'm a hella fast typist as well. So yeah, blogging would definitely be more managable lol. I've decided to not give up on my horoscopes all together just yet though. I'll just have to work for doing a monthly horoscope column instead and if it's still that hard to stick to that schedule- well then I need to hire a nanny so y'all better start buying a lot of hour long sessions to help me afford that! lol

With that being said I will be starting the MONTHLY horoscopes this next month aka April, but since making sure I have the time and energy to get things done on one specific day and at a specific time is challenging, I won't be able to promise they will be done and published on my site at the stroke of midnight at the first of every month. I can promise it will be within a week of the first though- as I'll be able to do a better job when I'm short one child to the bunch (weekends at daddy's). If the kids are not as wild and crazy and I don't find myself overwhelmed with chores and/or clients I will certainly get them done sooner than later though :) 

If you'd like to be notified as soon as the horoscopes are posted make sure you subscribe to my website so you can get updates from me!

So stay tuned- New horoscopes will be coming soon! 

Want a Free Picture Reading?

Posted by Jessica Lee on December 7, 2014 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm just dying to get people involved and am not afraid to give out free readings or books and might even throw in a spare kid if you're lucky!! OK, I'm totally joking around about pawning my sweet kids off on you poor unsuspecting people out there, but I am serious as a heart attack about the other stuff. This month's contest winner is going to win an exlusive picture reading from me. 

For those of you who do not know what a picture reading is, it's pretty self explanitory so keep up with me here ;) Basically, all you do is send in a photo of a person, place or thing and I will focus on it and tap into the energy I feel around it. From that I will be able to tell you about the focus in the photo you send. If it's a picture of you or someone you are secretly stalking- I will give you details into personality, feelings, traits, habits, health and of course some tid bits from the past and present going on with this person. If you send a picture of a place or a thing, again I'm zoning in on the energy waves around it and will tell you impressions of people or spirits I see around them, attached to them even, what I feel around the history of the place or item as well. This is good old fashioned psychic detective work at its best! 

As if that prize wasn't awesome enough I will also be sending the winner a copy of The Chakra Energy Plan book.. This is a practical guide to help educate you about all of the primary chakras and how they effect your life on so many levels. The book even offers tips on how to keep your chakras in check through awesome meditations, yoga, and tai chi exercises that are beneficial for each specific chakra.

OK, so you know what the prizes are- now how do you win??

You can click the Facebook icon at the top of this page by my logo or visit me here to register for the contest and start sumbiting your silly selfies.

13th Zodiac

Posted by Jessica Lee on December 7, 2014 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So, it turns out there's this other sign of the zodiac that was left out of the horoscope party. Not just by me, but pretty much all the astrologers out there. Poor guy I guess has a small rear and didn't take up much space on the calendar. Apparently, some people (I'm not naming names- mainly because I don't know who they are exactly.:/..) felt they liked the whole symetry of the 12 houses and 12 signs bit. As a result, poor ole' Ophiuchus was shunned from being mentioned in horoscopes all over the world. By the way, Ophiuchus is the name of the mysterious 13th zodiac! 

I know- I never heard of him either!! 

In honor of all under-dogs and for the sake of using the actual and real zodiac signs, I'd like to announce that from now on I'll be doing my Free Weekly Horoscops based on all 13 signs of the zodiac. And when I say "from now on", I of course mean, "so long as people don't start complaining that I'm way off the marker with the insights I get".

I wouldn't want to lose any fans or followers over this strange Ophiuchus dude or anything. lol 

Still, seeing as how I am really great at focusing on specific energies= people, places- object etc.. I am pretty confident that the scopes will continue to please and amaze even my most skeptical lurker! But we can make it official right now- go check out the all new Free Weekly Horoscopes and let me know what you think about them right here- or on FB or wherever. There's only a million ways to reach me :) 

Happy Scoping Y'all!!

Want to win a FREE reading with me?

Posted by Jessica Lee on October 31, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I've been meaning to get to work on blogging on my site and while it's been a little hard to find some quiet time to sit down and write, what I'd hope to be an epic article or post... I figured for now I'd at least get the ball rolling by announcing my current Facebook contest!

I recently added an app on my fan page so I can run contests and other promotional offers. The only problem I've found with this new app is that a lot of people have issues even seeing it when they visit my fan page from their mobile phones, so with that being said, if you're interested in entering any of my contests that are running on my fan page, you might want to do so from a desktop, laptop or a tablet device rather than your phone!

With all of that being said, let's get to the important stuff---- How you can enter to win a free reading!

First step would be to locate my fan page of course. Jessica Lee The Secret Psychic.

Second step is to click on the "WIN A READING" tab that is located on my fan page just under the cover photo. Basically, where you'd see options to click on the page's timeline, photo's, events etc.. you'll also see "Win a Reading" up in the mix- CLICK THAT!!!

Third- land on a new page within my fan page where you'll find the entry form. Some of you might need to scroll down to see it, other's, it will be plain as day as soon as the new page loads up. There you will see a description of the contest prizes and an entry form where you'll enter your name, contact info and a place where you can tell me what you want me to focus on for your reading if you're one of the lucky winners. After you fill everything ok just submit your entry!

It's really simple- pain free and takes a matter of seconds- unless you type with one finger at a time :lol:

I will enter everyone who enters name into a drawing and pick 3 winners! The prize?? A free 30 minute live chat session with moi!

If you win we can do your session over FB, Yahoo or Skype- I'm pretty flexible!

I'll announce the winners November 21st and this contest is open to the whole wide world so feel free to let your friends and family know about it!

CLICK HERE  to visit my fan page to enter!!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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