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Jessica Lee



Posted by Jessica Lee on March 25, 2016 at 12:45 AM

11:18PM 1/24/16 So it’s late and I finally have the kids in bed now. All the TV’s are off and the planes flying by like non-stop crazy all day has become even more noticeable and to the point that I realize it actually sounds like helicopters flying by. 5:01 PM 1/25/16 (Mercury- My Ruling Planet in Capricorn-  Last night, I started to write, but those sounds- I couldn’t ignore. I will start off where I had intended to carry on if my night had been more quiet!! 11:18PM 1/24/16 I did a google search for a heavy air traffic report and for information on what might be the reason for so much going on in the skies tonight, but I couldn’t find anything accept for a report about a plane that left Houston headed for Indonesia that had a bomb threat and had to stop in Scottland. There’s not many people I can really talk to about what’s been going on with me. The only 2 that have really listened and seemed to support me and be as shocked as I am about everything since seeing the cube have been Tina Marie (one of my clients turned friend) and Brittany Morrison (also a client turned friend lol- but from back in 2008) I do tend to get a bit worked up when I go over everything. And when I say everything, there is a lot.. Not just the things that have been happening as far as what I’m being led to know of/learn, see, be told- but this all goes deeper and farther, as things I’ve seen, heard and experienced from my past are starting to make sense or seem to make more sense at the least. It's as if those times in my past before I even moved to Texas- even the fact that I did move to Texas and every time I tried to move back to Michigan some off the wall thing would happen that forced me to stay here. There really is so much to piece together now. Pieces I’ve long since forgot about or forgot about until these past few weeks and it can be intense for me to process it. Sometimes I end up going on and on. Well, I just know I should probably NOT carry on to them so much, even though I do feel it helps me to piece it together. It is a lot for people to take on, especially if they are still not really awake or overly attached to the physical – the lives they have built here, their homes, family wealth and ‘lives’. I understand we are all connected and part of the creative force that creates. I understand that even though it is likely that many of the people walking around right now will be dead one day or another, that it isn’t anything to be feared. Still, that’s me and where I am at. They are still focused on their lives and problems, school and jobs and boyfriend’s. Besides that, I don’t want to be one of those friends who goes on and on about my amazing experience and day and leave them with little time to tell me about theirs. So I’m going to get around to what my guides have been telling me to do in the first place- which is write about my journey, findings and all of that fun stuff. I think I have avoided this formal sort of telling of what I have experienced, mainly because I feel a bit awkward and have a hard time believing that me of all people are supposed to be a messenger or record keeper. Or as my guides keep telling me “Deligate” between the humans and the spirit beings. It’s an interesting thought, still, kind of overwhelming and I really don’t want to come across to people like I’m some chosen one, even though when I do compare my past and present, and the visions and all of what I’m coming across now and being told now, well, I can see WHY my guides and helpers have left me a lot of clues over various points in time of my life. Because of the fact that I will try to talk myself out of it, or write this all off as my mind playing tricks on me. 3/6/16 For weeks or really a month and plus some, I’ve been so consumed with the revvings outside, the helicopters or drones, and the pulsating energies I was feeling. Like, I could literally predict before I could even hear anything flying in the sky, that a plane or a helicopter would fly by and at night, while recording the sky (which I’ve somewhat recently figured out how to change some settings on my phone and record the odd cloud formations and energy sensations I was feeling (sometimes the Hum “Om’, sometimes some odd oscillating sound that definitely isn’t an airplane, train or helicopter, sometimes electricity crackling in the night air (like it has been doing on my cell phone since the day after I first began to notice something was odd outside. Just a few minutes ago, as I try to get back to life as normal, which means, doing my readings in a timely matter like usual instead of blowing clients off or taking 24 hours to do half of one reading because I keep hearing and feeling stuff and get so overwhelmed with the messages and warnings and pending hard times ahead, I was starting to get that happy I nailed it and working it like a boss feelings and get lost in that for a moment when, of all things, I notice something outside through the window. A black star floating up into the sky. Clearly, this was a black star balloon. Probably a random gift bought for a child to keep them happy at a check out or as a reward or more likely, from a 50th birthday party with cake and ice cream too. Still, isn’t it ironic. One of my major uncovering’s in the beginning of this trip down yet another rabbit hole within 10 other rabbit holes was about the black star, Saturn, Cult of El, true deity of all major world religions, YHWY information, which came parallel to what would seem to be some kind of spiritual wakeup call or alarm system. An S.O.S. from the ether of some sort. I have noticed more drone presence in my area since then, had a helicopter like drone come straight at me one night, another fly by pretty darn close too pretty much across my porch way, have seen them fly out in great numbers from the South East of my location off to the north and east (probably couldn’t see the west since that’s behind my apartment) and literally park it in the sky, and just well – chill for a while and then slowly glide off to another stop and after a while glide off elsewhere. I’ve also recorded with my phone unintentionally, what would appear to be a star in the sky in front of my apartment (one that actually is a drone because that night Michelle and I both watched them fly out like hot cakes and park it here and there, well one of them was this ‘star’ that is always straight ahead within the view of my apartment windows and patio once the sun starts to set every day since we saw one of the drones park it over there. It rises up in the sky like a star would, though I’d say a bit slower and it sure shakes back and forth a lot as it does it too! Lol But as I was saying, I recorded it – shaking and shifting back and forth over a 57 minute period and also for a mili-second, you can see the lights from the drone that was headed straight for me and pulled up at the last minute to fly over my roof. Of course, with my luck and unfortunate camera skills, there’s no real detail that can confirm that the light on the video that appears is a drone or anything in particular. So that sucks for me, but still, it was my experience and definitely one that I’m surprised I didn’t run away in fear over since I just stared it straight on like “what you gonna do??” lol I also had a reddish purples gob of goo fall on me out of the sky apparently. Like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life, but could compare it to a gelatin or jelly like substance. Well, that’s for the ones that fell on my right forearm. There were two of those. Side by side, but separate. Probably a little smaller than the size of a marble. They were somewhat transparent and each had a nontransparent center. Like a black dot pretty much directly in their centers. The other stuff that landed on me had that same reddish-purple tint to it but also something that looked brownish like motor oil almost. That stuff landed on my righ bicep or rather splattered since it was definitely more liquid than that gel stuff. I tried to take a photo of that as well, but all that came out was the liquidy splatter stuff (just my luck lol) mainly because I wanted to get the mystery stuff off of me asap. I believe that was the day after I recorded the moving ‘star’ and had some scare tactic used on me by the drone flying at me. And there was no airplane that was flying over me and no one outside on a 2nd floor patio, aside from Michelle who had walked out right after it had landed on me. So hell if I know what it was or where it came from or if I was going to leave it on my arm a little longer so I could get a better shot of the crap. I would have lilked to save it and send it to a lab for testing, but Michelle came back with a babywipe and I figured it would be useless and considered to be contaminated or it wouldn’t be likely to get an accurate reading with the baby wipes chemicals all over it. Which I guess is all I could think about once she wiped it up and I didn’t think to have her open the babywipe up so I could photograph the substances at least. Oh well. I clearly won’t be hired for a job that requires me to collect evidence lol. This whole thing sucks though. It’s like I know something is going on, I can feel it, I’ve been told it, I can see it, shit’s literally falling down on me too. Yet, no one else seems to notice or care too much. The few that are aware around me would rather talk about their sore feet or ignore it all. And right now, I’m beginning to get the why around that. I mean, until shit really does hit the fan what can anyone do? I mean, I’ve tried to buy things that help me to be prepared like a tent and lights and first aid and what not. Still, even with that, what has trying to catch it on film done to do anything or spending my nights outside recording or pausing the recordings and finding the repeating images and faces that are appearing in the clouds or the electrical surges and lights in the clouds that can only be seen with a solar filter? Just makes me stressed, on fight or flight mode, paranoid and losing out on business as well as not inpressing my clients with how little I seem to care to get their readings done or my multitude of excuses for why I’m running behind again and again. Still, then there was the black star that floated in the sky. Like a little reminder that its still going on outside under the cover of night. What “IT” is, I’m not really sure. But it’s something and in some way Amun Ra is tied into it.

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