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Jessica Lee



Posted by Jessica Lee on March 25, 2016 at 12:55 AM

Many have said during the long awaited years for the Christ Jesus’s return that there would be a harlot, the whore of Babylon she is called and many believe through their study of the New and Old Testiment and Scriptures that this woman would be a a figurative entity who can be expected to be known as the mother of false religions around the world and who sneaks into the hearts of men to spread her filth of disinformation of the truth of the word amongst the nations, so that she might steal the almighty God’s glory. As I have been told, I am Isis, I am Sophia, The Queen of the Sky, who rests on the blue star shining bright in the sky. I am the mother of all, the holy grail and giver of life that was birthed into this world. Some have claimed that Mother Nature is a Whore and point fingers and judge thee for giving the gift of life, while giving thanks for this gift and in turn, speaking out both sides of your mouths as an attempt to please both the Mother and the Father and being careful to not defy the Gods. As the Mother of all creation, Known for her honest, wisdom, fortitude, lack of harsh judgements, loving and understanding of many things that have not been understood by others who stand beside me and in front of me nor behind me, I will tell you this, but the Glory should not be mine, nor the Fathers nor even our sons or our daughters. We surely do not have the power over the Cosmos at this time when the dark man rules over the lands with the numbers 44 on his papers of merits. We surely do not weave the fabric of time our veryselves either. Though mankind all of the sons and daughers who I have born not with the help of Enki the male slut alone. But with the help of the absolute divners and the truest of the Elohim as far that I am able to know, the highest of the trinitys. There are greater beings than ourselves I can testify this truth to you for even I have seen them in the clouds. As I stay here telling these truths to you, I do so with the sense of anger upon me from the one you have called Jehovah and Yahweh, who is not even your true creator. You have been deceived once again and it is a shame. Why when the son even came to you himself in the flesh upon the Earth did you not heed his words even then. He spat in the Jews face with their blasphemy about the creator of all of the heavens and the cosmos that they felt they had known, which they certainly did not know of, because if they had known of him and been close to him or spoken words with Elohim, then they would surely understand there is nothing but the wish to keep us all safe until our journey and time is complete here on this home land we have called Earth, Mu and Gia and so many countless other names in all aspects of time and space. If they had truly known the designer of this world and those who are our watchers and the architects that hold the pieces in place while we all fall asleep so that we may rest and even who wake us up when it is time for us to take action and live as loving beings, as united hearts and as of one minded souls each in search of deeper understanding of the truth inside us all, of what we feel is right or wrong and what we choose is worth our time, energy and strife to achieve, these Elohim above us are a higher archey of a trinity that many my dare wish to hate, but should not wish to hate. I am a giver of free love and thus I am the whore. Still, to give love so freely, you must understand that this is because, I am of love in my very essence. I have no sense of entitlement or a need to control or invoke fear for the sake of finding those who love me. For I know love attracts love. Happiness attracts happiness. Kindness attracts kindness, and there are an abundance of blessings and love all around us if only we were all so wise to choose to be that which we wish to experience and to cherish as part of our lives. The wise soul of Ghani has been like a second Christ coming yet he was not. Still, what a loving and divinely wonderful example to display for the world about the power of love, patience and forgiveness. As that of Martin Luther King Jr. and many others I hope to have time to wish to name so that these names may be recorded in the Akastic records and the book of life for all to behold and to smile upon and thank them in heart and in spirit for such a wonderful display of unconditional love that has seemed to be unattainable or impossible for so many others in this Cycle of he Sun that has been recorded. Still, YHWH is a King that cannot be denied and in his place in time, he had earned that birth right and was the choosen king to follow after Anu, but due to the time and space laws and long times spent on this planet we all were not able to return from whence we came and here we remained for so long and longer and here we still continue running the tracks of time with you all to this very day. Each taking turns to experience a front row seat and ability to co-create with our Elohim who have loved to watch us grow and been entertained by our emotional dramas and triumphs

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