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Jessica Lee


4 WINDS 44 Mathew 13:44

Posted by Jessica Lee on March 25, 2016 at 8:25 PM

I didn't think I'd be posting this all over FB.. I was nervous enough to even think about posting any of it to my blog! Talk about bad for business! Or potentially so! I mean, I know exactly how insane this all sounds and even my ex said this was 'crazy talk' when I told him about my experiences with time travel or at least and I believe is likely the most correct term for what we experienced now , least that's what I'm being inspired to see this as right now as I type this - REALITY JUMPING seeing what at first I thought were drones, but later came to realize were telepathic ET's, Speaking to them, or rather listening. I mean, all I could possibly have is questions, aside from a few replies or answers when they ask me about things, or what path I would choose, the 'end of the world as we know it' Thing suddenly flying out of black holes, (Which has NEVER happened in our recorded history!!! and the reality jumping, ET's, humming, vibrational shifts, high pitched frequencies in the ears, electrical disturbances (which can range from hard time hearing ppl or them hearing you due to strange static or even more eerie electrical impulses, Power outages, internet/cable/cell phone towers being down in large areas of the country or even world at the same time, literally feeling the energy around you surge and noticing even the refrigerator out outside electrical conduits are vibrating at the same frequencies, hearing 2 then 3 repeating patterns of sounds and frequency, hearing strange sirens out of no where that appear to sound off for only a moment at times, or travel at others. I find these also sound like multiple sirens police, EMS, Fire and then some other fast paced one that has a much higher pitch as well and really put the fear in me initially lol, but they ramy friend/neighbor Michele who also at first thought I was out of touch just a tad, but then came to see and believe as well, and my sons Luke & Ollie, who are very young, so I wouldn't even expect them to have really noticed at the time, but Lucas MIGHT recall over hearing what I was saying. That's def. one I need to document, and thank the creator of all creations and creator and the point zero from all that came for my pretty darn good photographic memory! lol

Categories: Metatron's Cube, Awakening

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