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Jessica Lee


Your total is $31.13

Posted by Jessica Lee on January 10, 2016 at 6:45 PM

Oh, that's not odd... lol. I went to Kroger's to pick up a few things and my total was $31.13 and I got one of those "This means something" vibes when I saw that... First I thought "Mirror Effect"  and "Reset", but of course, I had to be on my way since I doubt the people in line behind me would want to have me hold up their day pondering the meaning behind 3113... So I googled "3113 + Sacred Geometry" thinking MAYBE there was some special shape or sound it was related too..


On the first page the only thing I really noticed was listings for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateralus_(song)" target="_blank">3113 Tool Lateralus song.

I went on to page 2 of the google search "3113 + Sacred Geometry and seen a few links about the Aztec Calander, the Mayan Calander and Sacred Geometry in Europe. 



"In https://sacredsites.com/europe/sacred_geography_in_ancient_europe.html" target="_blank">3113 BC, the comet, known as Proto-Encke, collided with asteroids in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, resulting in the Taurid meteors widely associated with the Bronze Age. As this comet then passed near to the earth it caused massive geological and climatological influences, including destroying an estimated half of the infrastructure of Atlantis"


"Start of the Mayan calendar (long count cycle): [ 4 Ahau 8 Cumku ] is Aug 10, 3113 BC "



"The commonly-agreed start time of August 6-13, 3113 BC was used as the origin of the cycle"


I still had a feeling there was more to the 3113 number... so I googled 3113 + Occult (for those who don't know, "Occult" doesn't mean evil- it simply means hidden) I came across this link and feel there's something important here... Could be wrong, but I no longer feel the need to look around 3113 right now lol Here it is!! The channeled message is occult too hahaha You can only read it if you highlight over it, though he does write it out again below the books, while attempting to interpret the message and also stating what he found after trying to research what was scribed.. ‪#‎MINDBLOWN‬




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