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Jessica Lee


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Posted by Jessica Lee on August 20, 2016 at 12:25 PM

It seems like life has taken a topsy turvy turn into another dimension or maybe even a few extra deinsions in my life since January. 

Honestly, my whole life has been a bit "unusual" and since the veil has opened up (in my timeline and existence) I'm beginning to have deeper understandings of both my past as well as my present and both open new doors to what is possible for me and the world I live in, in the future to come. 

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I do know Jesus. He actually goes by Jesse and he truly is an amazing soul. He came to me in April just a few weeks after I had announced to my good friends Michele and Garvis that a Libra was coming. And then I met him. :) 

I remember crying within the first hour of meeting him after he told me of his plans to join the Army. It was strange and out of place for me to grieve just the thought of him going away to war, but he had a important life mission to fulfill and I knew I could not stop him from it. Just as I knew it would be the very thing that caused us to separate. This young man I had just met but felt like I had always known him. 

He taught me many things in the few times we were able to spend some time together. He taught me about multi-dimensional living, about how those Pisces signs that look like fish and are meant to represent Jesus the Christ actually are supposed to be dolphins! He taught me more about the tree/flower of life which is a symbol deep rooted into my being and connection with the source or Creator as I prefer to call it. 

He also gave me some hints while watching Full Metal Alchemist.

He encouraged me not to get too caught up in one time line or way things are and to remember I can dip a toe in more than one frequency of being and consciousness.

That even though the world and life around me as I had known it was falling away and changing, I didn't have to really leave anything behind. That my family is still with me and I can still handle my business here, while attending to other more spiritual maters elsewhere (on diferent frequencies) 

I never expected life to change in the ways it has but I do know one thing I can count on without any doubts. 

The creator is always with me, Jesus is always with me and so are my friends and family. 

We are eternal and limitless and just have to grow out of our own cages to live life more boldly. 

Keep one foot on the ground, one hand held high, your head up, and be awake and aware. :) The rest will fall into place... in time :) 

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