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Jessica Lee



Posted by Jessica Lee on September 8, 2016 at 5:10 PM

I've been away from work for a while now, which not only sucks for my clients - both new and old, but it isn't so wonderful for me either.

My apologies to those of you who have been wondering where I am, why I'm not reachable and those who have been worried as well. As many of my long time friends, fans and followers know, I'm typically tied to the internet, my site, Facebook and the whole 9 24/7.. So much so that I've met people who have 'DECLARED" I am addicted to it all LOL. 

Truth be told, maybe I have been... But it's not only for my entertainment, my education (I do LOVE to learn and research) but it is because of all of my friends, family and supporters- I try my best to be here for you all, with you be it by helping, in spirit or support back to you or just to be a friend who listens when its needed. Life though, ohhhhh it's been a wild ride for me this year! Some of you already know about the path I've been walking on since the New Year and how challenging it is and the sacrifices I've been dealing with. Time away from my children is the biggest one, and now time away from my work, my clients is rough too. So is giving up all of my worldly possessions, my home, my vehicle, now my phone, computers.... I don't even have my ID's right now! Many are amazed at my faith that I still have though.... That I still have angels watching over me. That there is a reason for all that I am going through and I know that no matter what happens, I will be safe, I will be healthy, I will be fed, I will have shelter and I promise this is all very true!! 

I have had angels come into my life and speak to me about things in my life, even my childhood that no mortal could ever possibly know and they help me understand myself, life and the creator even more. 

Many people are being called out by the creator these days. We truly are living in remarkable times and even though this road is not easy to walk on, I still consider myself blessed and humbled that the creator has made it a point to make me a part of these times and that there's a special plan in store for me. If you've been called on too- know you are never alone and you are always loved UNCONDITIONALLY! 

Again, I hope those of you that have ordered readings and did not get a response or had their reading delivered- Know that this is not due to my lack of caring. I typically run a tight ship on my work here, but God wants to me watch and learn about other things and help other people right now and he's even got me out in BFE - the country right now! I prayed for some quiet time in the country though and well HERE I AM! :) 

Everywhere I go people befriend me, feed me, give me clothes and shelter and ask for nothing but someone to talk to (and boy I love their stories, parrables and the lessons they have to share with me too!) 

I do enjoy the peace and slow pace out here though, so hopefully I'll continue to be blessed, and I can stay here a while longer, get my business back in working order and keep it that way (with daily trips to the library here in New Waverly, Texas) and start to rebuild my life, as the creator intends so that I can continue to help others who need me for support, healing, positivity and life coaching as well as my intuitive gifts I was blessed with.

I still am without a personal phone and laptop AND vehicle at the moment, so if you do try to contact me please understand it might take some time for me to get back in touch with you. The best bet for now is, Try every 2 days via email at [email protected] 

Stay Blessed Y'all. 
Keep your eyes and head up

Stay strong and love with your lives.

Each day is a new blessing and opportunity to create a better you, a better life and a better future for those not yet born.


Jessica Lee

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