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Jessica Lee



Posted by Jessica Lee on September 16, 2016 at 4:45 PM

Texas to Michigan

back to the begininning

Alexandria - Louis-e-Anne

Rockafeller - I love AMMON

My mother - She's priceless

I AM a daughter of Isis

The numbers were thrices

We all have our vices

Just try to make nicest

You see, I'm a wise miss.

Don't know? Then I'm hopeless

Cuz not all will get this

When you drink holy waters

to explain any farther

is to speak of angels

and flying saucers

Don't even think, 

I am so blessed

to be spared a downgrade

Lose the things; A good life made

Hey, I am not even perfect

Sure wouldn't even pretend

I just have verses

to explain my ressurange

taking place in my life

(Some say, it's just in my mind)

I'm just saying

I've seen rainy days and

Dropped tons of tears - After 5 years

Of barren springs - Now my heart beats

I'm still human

but still I'm more

I AM still smiling

Even though 'poor'

I'm lacking in dollars

as I write this

I'm still blessed

and feel righteous

But not self-righteous

not puffed with pride

Just trust that my steps are 

guided by the divine

There's watchers

who're watching

I know where they dwell. 

Straight from Dominion

between heavens and hells

Tracking my motions

Got partols playing guide

There's nowhere to run to.. 

No point telling lies

Space after space

Time after time

My spirit goes back

to a place before time. 

Coming to the edge 

of the milky way

Sirius - it's the stars

That I gaze. 

The Triangulum

Is where my people

Are from

Royals of Heaven


It's creator's that guide me

Numbers and Shapes

The do find me

This Phenoix

Is Rising

Not spiritually blinded. 

Play in fires

then feel the burn

I like it hot

So it's all A's 

that I earn. 

Got an 8 on my wrist


Time traveling shit


I'll have a story

to tell of my rise

up from the ashes

waking in dark nights. 

These records keep spinning

These songs never stop

Despite every death

Every stop and the cops

God walks with me

And sent me to the rock

Real lifes - Past Lives

After Life - We'll realize

It is what it is. 

It was what it was

It be what it be - 

It never stops. 

Categories: Spirituality, Awakening, Tree of Life

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