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This special is for those who have not had a reading with Jessica Lee in the past, either paid for or free in a contest or special offer.

Since most people always come back forr more readings, Jessica Lee is happy to offer your first 30 minute live chat reading with her for only $20! 

All readings are private and confidential. No judgments- Just insights! 

Please remember, prior to begining your reading I will ask what your question is. It is best if I get a straight forward question such as - Where is this relationship headed? Should I take this new job offer? When will the house be sold? To make the most of your time, please have your questions ready before the reading begins.


Please DO NOT offer me any details or a background story about why you are asking. The less I know from you, the better so we can determine if I have established a connection. Before giving you insights and answers into the future or what is going on with someone else you are asking about, I will first be going over your past and present around the question/situation you are asking about. If you start telling me about the history, there's no real way for either of us to know if I am properly connected since I will likely just paraphrase what you told me. 

Just keep it to your questions at the beginning of the session. Once the connection is established feel free to let me know that I am on point and give feedback where you feel inclined to.

After you enter your billing information Jessica Lee will be notified that you have requested your speicial offer reading. She will contact you soon after yoyur payment is sent in to schedule your live chat psychic reading thhrough the email address you provide during the Paypal check outt.  

All live chat readings will be done over your choice of Facebook instant messaging, Skype instant messaging or Yahoo Instant messaging Hang Outs/Gmail Instant Messenging or over Text/SMS over your cell phone. Sorry due to being a stay at home mom with 2 young toddlers, phone readings and video readings are not feasible or available at this time. 

Please enter your user ID for the Instant Messenger service you selected or your cell phone number where I can text you

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