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Since Reiki uses universal life force energies and we are indeed all energy ourselves it is not necessary to meet with me or any Reiki Practitioner in person to benefit from a Reiki session.

If you are unable to meet in person or would just prefer to save a little money, Distance Reiki is an ideal choice to fit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing needs. 

Once you have made your request for a Distance Reiki session, Jessica Lee will contact you at your prefernce of email or phone within 24 hours of being notified of your request and payment. 

During your first communications with Jessica Lee she will ask you a few questions to determine the level of help you might require or if Reiki can infact be of help to you since there are certain situations where a clients should first focus on getting medical or professional care from a trained health specialist. After determining the best route for care and what needs to be focused on the most during your session, Jessica Lee will work with you to schedule a time in which Distance Reiki will be sent to you. While certain Reiki symbols that are used have the purpose to break past any blockages you might have to receiving and benefiting from Reiki being sent to you, Jessica Lee prefers that her clients be asleep during their Distance Reiki sessions to further ensure the lack of mental blocks preventing her work from reaching them to their fullest potential. 

Upon waking, it should be obvious to these people that the Reiki has occured, as most report feeling better, lighter, happier, less stress, less pain and some have also commented on feeling a slight vibration within themselves. 

Reiki is not a cure-all or means to replace the help of a trained physician or mental health practitioner, but works well in combination with other healing methods and often enhances these other treatments. While many do attribute Reiki alone for their healing 

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