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One Card Oracle Reading

$5.00 $10.00

If you're in need of a fast answer, a Y/N styled reading or just want a confirmation on something a one card reading might be ideal for you.

I will pull one card from the deck of your choosing (options above) and with your specific question in mind will relay to you the information and messages I receive from the card that is drawn for you. 

All oracle cards will be emailed to you and should be delivered in 1-2 hours or less after the time I gather your question, with the exception to responses received after 7PM U.S. central time. in which those readings will be completed by the following afternoon, but more likely before noon the next day. 

Once your purchase has been made I will contact you via email, text or FB depending on the info you leave me at the check out. You will have time to think about your question and let me know what it is before I begin your reading. 

Be sure to choose which oracle deck you would like me to use for your reading. or click (HERE ) to learn more about the oracle decks that I am currently working with before making your selection. 

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