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6 Card Past-Present-Future

$25.00 $30.00

This 6 card layout doubles ontop of the typical 3 card Past Present & Future reading so you'll get double the information as you would with a 3 card reading which makes for more elaborate details into where you're coming from, where you are at and where you will be headed

Please scroll above to choose which deck you would like used for your reading before completing your purchase! 

After you have sent in your reading request and completed checking out, I will be notified and will contact you via email to find out from you what your focus is for this reading. This reading can be done for a general outlook for what is going on and where things are headed or for specific reasons such as finding out how a relationship will pan out, if your interview for a job will be successful, or for insights into legal matters as well. If you have any other areas of interest I am sure I can look into those for you as well. 

Once I have received your question you can count on having your reading delivered by email in 3 days or less. I will give you a more accurate estimate on the wait after your question has been sent to me. 

As with all emai readings, I will deliver your own personal reading in a PDF file for easy reading and ability to store it on your electronic device so that you can re-read again as needed. 

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