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The Month! 5 Card Oracle Reading


If you're interested in getting a deeper look into yourself for the current month (span of about 30 days) this is a great pick!

This reading will give a general overall outlook over where you've been, where you're at, what you're main motivation is right now, your main struggle and based on this current path, what you are likely to expect to happen next.

This 5 card spread will give you a sense of calm while it reaffirms things you already know and can confirm as well as shed light onto the things you cannot see, but maybe should pay a little more attention to. If you're dealing with a present challenge or drama, this is also great for trying to figure out a way out of a sticky situation or how to avoid one completely!

Please be sure to pick the deck you would like me to use for your reading (above) and enter in the email address you would like me to send your reading to once it is completed. (below)

Once you have finished checking out here I will recieve notification of your reading request and will contact you by email to find out if you have a particular matter I should focus on for this reading or not and will give you a day and time for when you can expect your reading to be delivered, which should be in 3 days or less). 

As with all email readings, this will be delivered in a colorful PDF file for easy reading and storage on your electronic devices.

What email should I send your reading to?

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