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This 10 card layout mirrors the 5 card layout "The Month" but adds 2 cards to each position in the layout which means you'll have even deeper insights available to you to gain a higher level of understanding about what is going on and going to be happening during the recent 30 day span. 

If there is a particular issue you are currently dealing with this layout can offer you valuable information not only into who and what will play a roll in your current circumstances and how so, but can also be useful for finding a deeper understanding of yourself and things you might want to be working on to ensure future success is available to you.

Please be sure to select which oracle deck you would like for me to use for your reading (above) and leave a valid email dress you would like me to send your reading to (below).

Once you have completed checking out I will be notified of your reading request and will contact you at the email address you provide to give you an estimate on the day and time for delivery and to find out if there is a particular focus for this reading.

As with all email readings, this reading will be sent out in a PDF file for easy reading and storage on your electronic devices.

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