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The Ultimate Relationship Reading

$75.00 $100.00

This is my #1 formula with giving out relationship readings, even during live chat readings on Facebook or Skype and I've been using it for YEARS with amazing and accurate results.

As with all the readings that I get about love, romance, relationships, divorce etc, I will focus on both you and your mate or person fo interest to determine what is in the past for both of you, how you relate to each other, what each is thinking or feeling deep down (aka their instincts) any issues I see standing in your way from finding happiness together and of course the likely outcome of where you two are headed. Be it together or on your own dusty roads.

For ultimate insights into each persons position of the relationship I will draw 10 cards for each person involved in this relationship you are looking into (2 max people) So 20 cards are included in this reading. 

Be sure to choose a deck up above for me to do your reading with and enter your email below so that I can contact you. Once you are done with the checkout experience here, I will be notified of your reading request and will contact you by email to find out the nature of the relationship you are asking about. This can include anything from you looking into relationshp potential between yourself and someone else, a committed relationship, marriage, separation, divorce or we can even do it "Secret Detective" style to look into what's going on with someone else's relationship. 

As with all email readings, this will be sent to you in a PDF file for easy reading and storage on your electronic devices.

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