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Chakra Balancing

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Chakra balancing focuses on the 7 primary energy centers  of the  body which  are located within specific regions of the body and each have an importance to our lives, emotions, abilities, strengths, open-ness, health, spirituality, and overall well-being. The best way to picture your chakras, is to picture them as spinning wheels or balls of light.  In fact the word Chakra is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel. Each wheel or ball of light has a unique influence on our minds, bodies, emotions and spiritual openness and vibrate at their own frequencies.

Even though each Chakra is unique and serves it's own certain purpose, they are also connected to each other. Balance within all 7 Chakras is imperative in having a healthy mind, heart and body. If one of the Chakras are out of balance or blocked from receiving or releasing energy it will begin to effect other Chakra's and in-turn other aspects of you life and health.

7 Primary Chakras

How do Chakras become unbalanced or blocked?

Chakras need positive energy and light frequencies to function properly. When we fail to eat properly, do not get enough sunlight and are exposed to array of negative energy (or emotions) over an extended amount of time, this eventually causes problems within our chakra energy system. In my experience the majority of unbalanced or blocked chakras stem from emotional or stressful aspects of life and an inability or unwillingness to accept or acknowledge the issues straight forward as well as prolonged feelings of anger, rage, anxiousness, fear, grief or loss. 

How can I maintain balance within my Chakras?

There are many things you can do to maintain good health within your chakra energy system such as: 

  • Meditation
  • Eat a healthy diet full of different colored fruits and vegetables- all the colors of the rainbow is best!
  • Stay on a steady sleep schedule/get a good nights rest.
  • Deal with negative emotions and conflicts right away-do not avoid or hide from these issues. 
  • Be open and honest with others- speak your truth
  • Practice gratitude 
  • Embrace your higher-self and spirituality

How is Chakra Balancing Performed?

There are two ways that Chakra Balancing can be accomplished. 1. In person & 2. During a distance healing session. Below, I will describe each method I use to balance my clients Chakras to help give you a better understanding of this process. 

In-Person Healing Sessions

With the option to have me visit you in your home or for you to visit me at the Center Point office in Houston, Texas I will meet with you face to face. If in your home you will lay down and relax on your bed; if in the office, you will lay down and relax on a padded table, much like the ones used in massage offices.

I will guide you through some relaxation techniques and guided meditations to help you relax and to open up what mental and emotional shields or blocks you have in place. Once we have achieved an optiminal level of relaxation and openness I will then begin to enter an alpha state trance as I focus on your energetic body. While focusing on each of your primary chakras, I will soon see which ones are blocked, unalligned, in need of charging or a light boost as I like to call it. I will look for all areas of improvement. 

I will also use my Chakra Pendulum by holding it over the areas of your Chakras as a tool to further establish or confirm which Chakras are in need of help. 

I will be keeping notes on your spiritual body and Chakra Energy Centers, noting which ones are having issues, what those issues are and which methods are needed for me to correct the inbalance or blockage. Once I have determined which chakras need the most attention I will then use Crystal healing to help recharge your chakras which consists of placing special stones and crystals on or around your Chakras and energetic body that helps to channel in balancing energies that promote the highest function for your chakras. There are various stones and crystals that will be used that will give you a vibrating sense in or around these areas so do not be alarmed when this happens. Continue to relax and know that the healing session is working!

Also, While focusing and using visualization meditative techniques as well I will be channeling energy to your chakras to create harmony and a balanced energy system for you. If I feel it is needed, for persons with sever dysfunction, blockages and inbalacement within their Chakra Energy Systems, I may call on the Arch Angels to help assist with your healing session. If this is necessary, there will be no extra charge for this service. 

After your session is complete you will feel immediate results that will carry on through out the next few days. Most people first feel as if a great weight has been lifted from them or report feeling lighter. Those who were stressed out and full of anxiety will feel much more relaxed and at peace, mental pain such as headaches and tension will be greatly reduced if not completely gone and many people report hearing a light buzzing or popping noises after they have completed their session, which I attribute to being alligned with a higher frequency of energy around them which helps to continue to restore peace and balance within. 

For more information on what to expect after a Chakra Balancing Session, please scroll below the section about Distance Healing Sessions.

Distance Healing Sessions
Chakra Balancing can also be done from a distance. With you in your home and me in mine, connecting is just as possible as it is during a psychic reading. After all, we are all connected and energetic beings. 
When performing a Chakra Balancing session from a distance I will request a photo of yourself for focusing and connection purposes. Also, I prefer to schedule your session at a time in advance when you will be asleep. This helps lower possible resistances or walls you might have up such as mental blocks that come with worry or skepticism,  that could prevent me from reading your energy and assessing the state of your Chakras. The idea is for you to be as relaxed as possible which naturally would be at a time when you are fast asleep.
 It is best if the scheduled time begins at least 1 hour after you plan to be sleeping. 

Once the session begins, I will enter a alpha state trance and begin focusing on your energetic body and your Chakra Energy Centers. As I connect with you I will use visulization techniques as well to determine where you have blockages and what Chakras are out of balance and/or in need of allignment. 

During the distance session, since I will not be able to use healing crystals and stones to help balance and unblock your Chakras, I will instead use colored chakra candles that will be annoited with special oils and blessed for you specifically. These candles will burn over the course of an hour or two, sometimes for a longer period of time depending on how inbalanced or blocked it's cooresponding Chakra might be. Through the form of energy healing I will tap into your energetic body and do healing exercises that will help release the blocks, restore balance and good health to your Chakras while also ensuring there is optiminal balance and harmony with them all and that they work in unison. If there is a need for additional work to be done I will call on the Arch Angels for assistance at no extra charge to you. 

When you wake up the next morning you should feel a sense of peace, as if some burden or pain had been released and a deep sense of balance, security, open mindedness, understanding and joy. You can expect these feelings to continue on either increasing or stablizing into a better sense of harmony within you over the next few days after our session. 

What Happens After Chakra Balancing?

After I have completed a chakra balancing session my clients have reported a feeling of ease, bliss, comfort and essential well-being. They feel happier and better equipped to overcome stressful triggers that were causing them trouble prior to the session, less pain or no more pain (physically and emotionally speaking) they have more energy and are able to function better in their relationships, have increased intuition, higher self-confidence and esteem and are also more aware of their own chakras and when they need to work on exercises I have left them with in order to maintain the healthy flow of energy within their chakras.

Please note that some clients report a buzzing or popping noise that only they are able to hear. You should not be alarmed by this as this is often a part of the process and an indicator that your Chakras are continuing to allign with each other. This is also a sign that your sense of awareness and sensitivity to energies around you are opening up, which can result in increased empathy for others, psychic abilities and a deeper ability to connect with the universe around you. 

Within 48 hours after your session I will send a follow-up email to you with an attached copy of my notes taken from your session. 

These notes will include:

  • A detailed list of your 7 Chakras and how they effect you
  • Which of your Chakras were blocked
  • Where I found inbalances within your Chakras
  • What stones, crystals or colored candles were used to assist with your Chakra Healing Session
  • If applicable, which Arch Angels came to assist with your healing and what advice or messages they may have had for you regarding the severity of your blocked or inbalanced Chakras.
  • Instructions for self-care and how to maintain your own Chakras

If you have any questions before or after yourself you are always welcome to e-mail me or call me. I am always happy to help!

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