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Crystals & Candles


Crystals & Stones

Crystals- Quartz, Tigers-Eye, Amytheist, Moonstone are a few that you may have already heard of. While many men and women might wear certain stones in their jewelry others use various crystals and healing stones in chakra mediations, for healing, balancing, grounding and relaxing.

Every rock and stone holds it's own unique vibrations, and colors also have their own vibration or frequency. By alligning certain colories and frequencies around your energetic body you too can discover a new way to relax, rejuvenate your senses and zeal for life and can discover a more balanced vibration in life. Learn more


Candle Magik

It has been a long tradition to burn candles to send off prayers, wishes and blessings for others. Much in this way burning candles can help allign your chakras or help bring extra blessings, strengths and courage to a certain person's way. 

Candle magik has been in practice over many centuries and even back to ancient times. As a source of focus, using the elements of fire, the frequencies of color and the energy and intent of those who are practicing candle magic, the process helps to create desired energies to be present around the person they are burning for.

During distance healing sessions using Reiki &/or Energy healing focused specifically on the chakras I will burn a tall pillar chakra candle that is annoited by me and infused with the intention of creating balance and clear energy withing your chakra energy centers. Your candle will be blessed, charged and be transcribed to further influence the energy of intent. Learn more.


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