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Jessica Lee

Could You Spare Some Change?

"“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

It's no secret that more people than ever in the U.S. are missing out on jobs, unable to make ends meet and are finding themselves in need of assistance with food, clothing and shelter- just the basic things needed in life. In my part of Houston alone, there is a great number of homeless people that stand out on street corners at every major intersection, looking dirty, unwashed, their hair is a mess and they look lost and hollow. There are others, young women and men with a small child or two standing on these corners asking for help with food or help paying rent, seemingly to the point of desperation that they would put themselves out there like that just for any chance of hope that maybe a miracle might happen that will help get them by or make their lives a little better. 

I am sure there are a fair share of con artists or drug addicts among the bunch as well that would take any money straight to the beer store or a drug dealer's house, but from the time I personally spent within a shelter- the first place people with means of transportation will go when they find themselves homeless and if they are lucky enough that the shelter has room for them and their family- most of the people that are finding themselves homeless are normal every day people. Some of them are Veterans, some of them have jobs but aren't able to make enough to afford their own home and expenses. Some of them had a bad accident or found themselves hospitalized and fell behind in their bills and mortgage and others are mentally ill and incapable of holding down a job or taking good care of themselves. 

Whatever the circumstances are- no body wants to be homeless or chooses that road. It's human nature to want to have a home, a familiar place to live. Everyone wants their needs met. 

I see these people around and sometimes I think, "That could have been me." If I didn't get the housing help I needed for my children. It easily could have been! So, homelessness is a very real issue to me and it breaks my heart to see these people who have lost everything and also the one's on the edge of losing everything, like the parents begging for food or help paying their rent. I wish I could help them and if nothing else, just be able to supply them with a big cold bottle of water because it is so hot and humid out here. A typical summer day in Houston will be about 100 degrees or slightly higher with probably 80% humidity. I want to do something to help.

I'd really love to be able to have some extra food for those families and people asking for food. I'd love to be able to hand some fresh new clothes and maybe a bag or two of baby wipes to someone I see standing out there asking for help that clearly hasn't bathed in weeks or longer. I'd like to give them an umbrella so they can get some shelter from the sun while they spend their day outside looking for some help. 

I will be making trips out at least once a month where I pass out waters, sandwiches, cupcakes and other things I have available. I'd really like to do more than I am able which is why I hope if you're reading this, you'd like to help too. If you feel the same way I do about helping the homeless, please help me do something amazing for my next trip out so I can help spread some love, cheer and hope and let these people know they are not forgotten and deserve kindness. 

I've left the donation entry blank so give what you can. I am a frugal woman so I can turn a $5 donation into 10 bottles of chilled water from my local Food Fair store and I can turn $10 into 5 men's t-shirts at the local thrift store too. Any donation great or small will be a great help to this cause- To Spread Kindness and Love to those who most need it. I will also be using a portion of my earnings from this site towards buying water, food, clothes and hygiene items for the homeless in my area so if you'd like a reading or healing session you can know that your purchase is also going to help other people in this world. 

I will be going on my first Random Acts of Kindness trip Sunday April 5 after the kids go Easter egg hunting and me and my mini-men will be passing out colorful cupcakes and cold bottles of water out to the people asking for help in the streets. We'll take some photos and tag those who have donated so you can see the smiling faces whose life you have touched. 

If you are in the  North Houston area and would also like to go on an outing and have your own transportation and items gathered to pass out contact me, maybe we could meet up for a group outting! 

Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to posting the photos from our first event to share with all of you too!

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