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In Person Readings

If you are in the Houston area and would like to have an in-person reading or healing session with me I am now available by appointment only. All sessions are booked by units of time rather than service. How we spend the time you have booked will be up to you to choose between the following: 


This is better known as psychic guidance that focuses on answering questions you might have about your current life situations with love, career, finance, goals and other physical and material based matters you seek information about. Specific questions, without details work best for this type of reading and will be answered with a look into your past, present, motivations, challenges and the most likely outcome based on the current place in time and the path you are on at the point of asking. Other alternative paths may be looked into if you so desire and time allows. Time lines for predictions are tricky to give as this is something Grandfather Time has mastered before myself, however, 98% of my feedback on predictions often say what I see happening, does happen, it just might come sooner or later than I had felt or was guided to say. 


I am able to deliver energetic healing through various means such as Reiki, Crystal healing, and overall vibration healing. This works to heal your heart, mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to relieve discomfort, relieve stress and to help create balance in your physical body as well as your energetic one. 


Spiritual counseling and help with understanding your current path, obstacles, divine wisdom that is present in your life, how to cope with change, hardships, loss, and how to obtain your goals in a productive and healthy way as well as venting sessions are all available with life coaching and empowerment sessions. 


If you'd like to share your time with friends or family, you may do so with a group appointment. All group appointments require 1 hour or more to be purchased and it is recommended that 30 minutes or less be agreed upon per person to be present. 

All in person sessions can be done at any local StarBucks, Restaurant or in your home. All payments can be made ahead of time via the webstore PayPal Check out or with cash at the time of meeting.

 Bartering is also an available option. If you have something, service or good you would like to Barter for equal value of my services feel free to contact me at:   [email protected]


All in person sessions can be used however you like and the charge is only for the time spent so you are wlecome to mix and match services as time allows or share the time with a friend. 

Please know that sessions should be paid with cash upfront for sessions lasting  hour or less. All sessions lasting over 1 hour require online payment through the PayPal webstore before your session.  Please allow 3-24 hours before booking. 


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