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I am Jessica Lee, a single stay at home mom of 3 boys, a humanitarian, a TV junkie and a psychic empath as well as a Reiki Master and energy worker/healer. 

I have been doing readings and healing sessions professionally since 2007. I was born with many gifts and have had many experiences with precognition, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, remote viewing, retrocognition, telepathy and have performed various forms of energy medicine as well. 

There was a time, long ago in my past when I did not understand the things I knew and was even taught that these gifts were a bad thing. I have learned since then to live by my own truth and not to let others around me, to determine what is good or bad. It took a long journey to realize that my gifts were not something to be feared, but rather educated about, practiced and with practice comes control and the ability to use my talents for the good of others. 

I first began doing readings for others around 2006 while hanging out in various MySpace groups that were geared towards psychics and mediums. When I first joined, my gifts were coming on full-force after a period of nearly 10 years where I had blocked them out, due to being afraid of the spirits that seemed to be haunting me. When my abilities and sensitivities returned, I was determined to find a way to overcome my fears and that is why I had looked for people who shared the same abilities. I knew not everyone had spirits scaring them and harassing them. I wanted to know the magic trick to avoiding the downsides of being a psychic.

During my years on one group in particular, Real Psychics & Mediums, I began doing practice readings for people in the group. This also happened to be the largest group for the psychic community on MySpace so I had plenty of people to practice doing tarot, rune and picture readings for. I also learned about psychic self-defense during this time, otherwise known as sheilding. I have found this to be the most wonderful thing to do. It really does work! By doing some visualization exercises or meditations I was able to create a field of protection around myself, my family and my home that was keeping negative energies and entities away from me. 

Since those days, I have given well over 5,000 readings to people from all over the world, maintained a 5 star rating on sites that I have worked on, such as, Kasamba and Bitwine and have over 1,000 reviews and testimonials. 

I am really proud of how far I have come along and am happy that I've been able to help so many people already. I look forward to making more friends along my journey and helping more souls find their way, see the proverbial 'light' or give the encouragement they need to move forward in their life to a place of peace and happiness. 

Thank You World

I am very grateful for my gifts, being able to help others, being able to be a good mother and provide for my children and to have a career that gives me the freedom to do both very important jobs side by side. I'm especially grateful for my clients and of course, my friends. If it wasn't for the support and encouragment of people like Kelly Vella, Haley Dainiels, Don Anderson, Michelle Haulman, Janine Moore, Rebeckah Rodgers, Lucy Forenoir, Janice Southall, Francesca Morales, Shay Pendleton, Brittany Morrison, Allyson & Toni Engle and so many more...

Thank you all for believing in me and helping me along my path. 

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