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Oracle Card Readings

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards

Many people are familiar with Tarot Cards or Runes even, but not everyone is aware that there's also a wonderful deck referred to as, Oracle Cards. Actually, there are various types of Oracle Cards, but my favorite one is the Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck by Sonia Choquette. 

This highly intuitive deck gives messages through imagery and simple words such as Boredom, Strength, Self-Esteem, Community and many more that can be pieced together to form a story depending on where certain cards lie within the positions of a well thought out lay out. 

You can do simple 1 card readings with this deck or more complex readings on 2 or more people, their feelings, challenges, goals, where they are headed and so much more. Insights about pregnancy, legal matters and pretty much anything under the sun can be accessed with a little help from this deck.

Unlike the tarot there aren't many rules to worry about when working with this deck. Using your intuition is the best way to go when reading these cards! What feelings, thoughts, images or sounds do they invoke for you? 


Energy Oracle Cards

This beautiful deck created by Sandra Anne Taylor is filled with amazing art and imagery and is geared towards helping to let others know what blocks they have holding them back. To take a look at where you are at now, what is standing in your way, what you can do to create a more positive reality and where your current path and choices are going to lead you in the future. 

This is another highly intuitive deck to work with that offers far more for a reader to work with than just the booklets suggested meanings for each card. This deck can be used for daily meditations, fast and general insights into which way a situation might turn in your favor, to gain clarity into which chakras might be out of balance and how to improve your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health as well. 

Another bonus to this deck is that it is great for uncovering obstacles, blocks in your energy or chakras as well as giving you insights on what you need to be most focused on in the coming future. 


Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

This is a very whimsical deck that can also be used for divination purposes, but I feel personally is not great for general readings. When working with this deck, it is best to have a specific issue, life goal and spiritual matter in mind. The booklet offers a background story to each character in the card, a general meaning for each card, keywords that relate, what you should be focused on manifesting and questions you should start asking if a certain card is drawn for you.

I feel this deck works best for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment, who are looking internally and trying to uncover their truest spiritual path. Not so much for more material or physical worries such as "When will he call me?" or "Will I win the lotto." If you have past baggage that is holding you back, this deck can help point out the root cases you need to be aware of and deal with so that you can move forward into a happier life. If one of your energy centers are out of whack, this deck can alert you to that and let you know what you need to work on.

Want to learn more about my special layouts? 

I have a few layouts up my sleeve that are either a classic layout that many card readers use and some are layouts that I've created myself which have served as very useful to me over the years.

From a simple 1 card reading to a in-depth 40 card relationship reading- I've got you covered and can deliver a detailed, insightful reading to you whenever you need! 

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