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Oracle Card Layouts


1 Card Pull

A one card layout is fast and simple. Simply one card pulled and flipped to answer a specific question you might have or to gain advice on what you should be focused on at the time of asking.

3 Card Reading

Three Cards are the ideal Past, Present & Future reading, but can also be used to learn more about Mind, Body & Spirit- Or in relationships as You, Them, The outcome of your path together. 

5 Cards

This reading will give you a look into the current month for yourself or someone else. Details on feelings, motivations, obstacles and your likely final destination will all be revealed to you!


Get a double dose of info with a 6 card Past Present & Future reading. More cards brings more wisdom and information for you!

Next Year 9 Card

Take a sneak peek into 2016 with this 9 card layout focused on future goals, love and bumps in the road you will do well to keep in mind.

10 Cards

This reading has the same layout as the "The Month" 5 card reading but clearly has double the cards on each position.

Life Path

For those who are looking for answers within, about your path and to be reminded of hidden meanings & messages..

The Ultimate

This is the serious real deal of a spread when looking into the relationship dynamic between you & another!



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