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Jessica Lee


Past Life Readings

Ever wonder about the life you lived before the life you are living now? Were you a man or a woman? What was your job? Who were the people closest to you? What kind of a person were you?

I have been doing past life readings for friends and clients all over the world since 2009 and discovered I had this gift during my meditative trances while focusing on communicating with spirit guides. 

The first experience I had was from my own guide, Sasha. While in a meditative state where I was communicating with my guide, or rather taking in the widsom and visions she would give to me, one certain day she showed me one of my past lives. I was a tall blonde and dressed similar to a prilgrim. I looked to be in my early 20's and was inside of a cabin home where my mother at the time was yelling at me. Two men, apparently those in charge of the law and taking away bad people had entered the cabin and tied me up with rope around my wriests and also around my chest and trunk area. The men were charging me with witchcraft of all things. My mother at the time continued to curse me as they walked me outside despite my cries and pleas of mercy and innocence. 

As you can imagine, this was a rather startling vision to have and I felt a little panicked. Sasha advised me not to worry, that those days were long gone now and she merely wanted me to see this vision- this memory, so that I would understand that no matter what comes my way, no matter what awful thing someone says about me or harm that befalls me- I will survive. A message that seemed frightening at first, became a clear message of the essence of my eternity and ability to overcome anything. 

Some of my visions of past lives are very clear and detailed. Much like my past life vision, some will play out like a mini-movie. Other times, the visions will come in slower or choppy. I'll see a face, a man or a woman. Short flashes of a job they are doing, children in their lives, Scenes or objects that portray the era of the time I am viewing. There are also times when I will hear messages about what you need to acknowledge or work on that has followed you from the past, such as certain fears or phobias, difficulties with trust, intimacy, or addiction. 

Every Past Life reading is unique and the messages I receive do not always make sense to me, but seem to have a special meaning for my friends and clients. 

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