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Psychic Readings

Whether you have gotten psychic or channeled insight before or not, a psychic reading with Jessica Lee is rather easy and very enjoyable! Jessica Lee taps into your energy and the energy of those around you so that she can provide detailed insights into your past, present, future and even the feelings you and those you are concerned about currently have.  There is no need for you to provide a back story or explain your reasons for seeking insights when you begin your reading. Names or birth-dates are not necessary to do an accurate reading for you either!

Because we are all connected and Jessica Lee is sensitive to this web of energy she can tap in, take a peek and provide accurate insights, answers and predictions with no information from you outside of your simple and most basic question of instructions of what area of life  that you'd like her to focus in on.

If for example,  it is guidance about a relationship you are seeking, simply ask something like "Is this relationships going anywhere?" with that question alone Jessica can get a peek into the history between you and the person you are asking about, how each of you are behaving and feeling, what is holding you back and where things are headed based on your current path.

Different Reading Options Are Available

Not sure what reading you need or how to get your psychic reading done? There are a number of options available so that you can get your own personal psychic reading with Jessica Lee. Thanks to the invention of cars, cell phones, the internet and of course computers, laptops and tablets, it's super easy to get peace of mind, detailed answers and a big ole spot light shined down on those obscure parts of your life that weren't making sense at all.

Live Chat 
Live Chat readings are by-far Jessica Lee's most popular option for people needing psychic advice. It's great because there's no need for you to leave the comfort of your home or office  As long as you have access to Facebook Chat, Skype, Hang Outs, Yahoo Messenger, you can connect with Jessica Lee for a Live Chat/Instant Messaging session and for very affordable rates that average into being $1.99/min or less!
 Most purchased sessions are done the same day they are purchased. There's no need to worry about your slow typing skills either (KIDDING), Jessica Lee can type about 60-70 wpm so you're guaranteed to get a ton of information and details in your Live Chat readings.
Don't forget to check out the Web Store page to see what reading packages may be on sale for a discounted price. The Web Store page is also the place to go to place your order and reading requests! 

You can purchase your live chat sessions in 4 different options:
  1.  60 Minute Live Chat

The best part about these timed-packages is that you can use your time when you need it! If you purchase a 60 Minute package and only end up using 30 or 45 minutes of it- You'll get a a credit for the remaining time to use the next time you are in need of answers.
Emailed Psychic Readings
Not big on one-on-one communication or just too busy to stick to a schedule? Just looking for confirmation on something you already have an idea about or a little extra help seeing the big picture on something? Then email readings are perfect for you! You can purchase your reading by the number of questions you have. Jessica Lee will email you soon after getting your reading request and you can let her know which question(s) you have and she will get to work on finding the answer(s) for you.

As always, no background info, names or birthdates are needed for her to get to work and she will send you detailed explanations of what she sees around the past, present, feelings, obstacles and future for each situation or question you pose to her. most 1 question emailed readings tend to be answered with 500-1,000 words and will be delivered in 1-3 days after purchase. 

Please keep in mind these readings are question specific. If you purchase a 1 question email reading only that 1 question will be focused on and answered. While the goal is to give you as much information as possible around that question so that you can verify there is a true connection made (with the past and present info given around the question), if you have additional questions about the situation or people involved and their motivations that come up after the reading is done and delivered you will need to purchase another reading for more answers. 

Options for emailed readings:
Text Readings
Available only to clients in the U.S. 

Can't get to a computer? Glued to your phone? Well, thank your lucky starts then, my friend- because Jessica Lee is now offering Text-Readings over her cellular device. This is ideal for anyone who doesn't have a smart phone or who has limited internet access, as well as the weirdos out there who managed to get banned from Facebook, Skype and Yahoo Messenger- (No one is here to judge! :p)
If this is up your alley, after you send in your payment just be sure to leave the number you want Jessica Lee to text you at and she'll be in touch and texting away within 1-3 hours, maybe even sooner! 

To book a Text Reading Please visit the Web Store and choose from any of the Live Chat readings. There will be a Text Option on the scroll down menu under the title of the package. 

* Texting Sessions have a 30 minute time limit per session. If you book a 1 hour reading, you will need to have the session split up into 2 30 minute sessions. 
Private In-Home or Office Psychic Readings
For those of you in the Houston and surrounding areas of who prefer to have face-to-face time with your psychic advisers and enjoy feeling the energy in person, you're in luck! Jessica Lee is in your area and even has her own car!! Wahooo- life is good! All kidding aside, Jessica Lee can visit you at your home or office and give an outstanding one-on-one reading for you and only you!  
Every session booked for an in-home or office visit from Jessica will be for up to 1 hour of total time for you to pick her brain, ask for spirit guide connections, picture readings or past life readings. You can even use this time to try out her other healing services such as Reiki or Chakra Balancing too! The time is yours and we can make the most of it- giving you a complete psychic, intuitive, energetic healing and Chakra rebalancing experience! 

Areas Jessica Lee will travel to:
  • All over the Houston Area (i.e. Downtown, The Heights, Galleria Area, Alief, Spring Cypress, etc)
  • Spring
  • The Woodlands
  • Conroe
  • Willis
  • Humble
  • Katy
  • Sugar Land
  • Stafford
  • Cypress
  • Cypress Creek
  • Alief
  • The Heights
  • All of Houston

All private and in-person sessions require at least a 5  day advanced notice for scheduling, payment in-full at the time of booking, and a 36 hour confirmation of the appointment made. Please read the guidelines and terms for all in person sessions here.

Private In-Home or Office Psychic Reading Fees:

*Jessica Lee will not travel with cash or alone for her safety.

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