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How Can Reiki Help?
 Lower Blood Pressure
Reduce Stress Levels
 Pain Managment
 Trauma/Grief Managment
 Improving Immunity
 Overcoming Abuse
 Depression/Mood swings
 Weight Loss
 Self-Esteem Issues
 Creative Blocks
 Emotional Blocks
 Mental Blocks
 Communication Issues
 Balance of Mind, Body & Spirit

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

How the sessions feel vary from client to client, however, most have reported feelings of warmth, happiness, peace, security, increased energy and love. Others have not commented on how they felt during the session, but only how they felt after the session, which I have be told is that they feel at peace, less pain/no pain, their minds feel clearer, stresses they've been carrying are gone, happier, more connected to the world and universe, stronger, have higher confidence, more insightful to their own life situations and relationships and pleased with the results. 

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