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Spirit Guide Connections

As a channel for divine information and connector to spiritual guides Jessica Lee is able to get special advice and insights from your own personal spirit guides, ancestors and even your higher self to bring you knowledge that effects your life, your path and offers help in realizing where you should focus your own attention for the betterment of your own spiritual journey in this life time as well as insights into who you really are.

During many spirit guide connections that Jessica has made with her client's, often glimpses into their past lives are shown that reveals how you are tied to your guides, empower you with information that explains your current situation, reasons for being pulled to certain people or showing which lessons you're still learning and struggles you've once overcome before. These readings are not intended for people who are just looking for advice on love or which job to take, but are more geared for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment, growth and wisdom so that they can have a deeper sense of who they are, where they come from and what they should be doing or focusing on for the good of their spiritual development and to lead a happier life.

All Spirit Guide Connection readings will be delivered to your email account within 1 week in PDF format so that you can easily save your session and refer back to it as needed. Each spirit guide channeling will include the name and description of your guide, as well as messages from these guides directly to you or as a conversation I have with them that will be written down so that you may see what was discussed. if possible- insights into your past life with them and instructions for what you need to work on or be aware of during the time of the reading or in the near future. Each channeling is first written down by hand as I channel your guides and tends to end up being about 4 pages hand written or a full page on the PDF format written in 12pt sized font which usually end up being 500-1000 words per each guide I speak with. 


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