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Jessica Lee


Over the years Jessica Lee - The Secret Psychic, has helped out thousands of people from all over the world with her insights. Listed below are some of Jessica Lee's favorite bits of feedback and links to other pages and sites where even more people have left feedback about their session with Jessica Lee. if you'd like to leave your own review please click the guestbook link below.


.Ok I just saw this one..OMG!!! You NEED to keep doing these horoscopes girl!!! Just effing WOW!!!! and by WOW I mean you are excellent!!!

~ Rebeccah R

I have used Jessica a number of times. I will always come back to her because EVERY SINGLE READING was SPOT ON!! I like to come back to her page so I can validate for her. Shes very intuitive, and reads her cards like a master. I recommend her to everyone I know thats interested in a reading.

~ Shay P.

Always willing to share the truth and does not need to ask any personal questions!!!!! Amazing

~Moon Bella


~Carey S.

Awww! Just was getting to some enlightment! I want to thank you for taking the time with me each time I call and going over my repetitive questions as I try to find answers and close doors to open new ones. I also thank you for putting up with me when I'm feeling down and helping to bring clarity to situations. You also make me laugh and love your realness and sense of humor! It brings out that side in myself which feels lost at the moment! Try this reader, she is amazing! xoxoxo

~Kayce E.

Simply SUPERB!! Jessica , thankyou ( and the folks upstairs ) for an outstanding reading with insights only they could know :-) It settled my heart and gave me the " OHHHHhhhh..Now I know why" feeling. Blessings to you and yours and Congrats to you too. Well deserved :-)


I love readers that dont need info from you makes it way more authentic... even if they are cheating LMAO.. anyway this women was great and very sweet and caring which came through in her words. Also didnt ask anything or need reassurance that she was on the right path. I will be back to her I am adding her to my favorites now!!!.. Thank you

~Miss M.

Thank you. Instantly picked up on two people that I was thinking about..I appreciate the insight and be patient with everything


Actually the best on Kasamba, so down to earth and lovely! always connects spot on and what she said a few days ago came true also. Thank you again hun xx

~Laura U.

I spoke with her back in April and she told me not what I want to hear but everything she told me came true Just still waiting for one more to come true . She give me good directions and advise . Very straight to the point . Thank you darling :)))


This is for a reading about a month ago and also today. she is very good. corrected me with confidence . i told her i broke up with my bf, she told me, he did. actually, it was him broke off.

~K. Luse

Amazing she told me the whole story in a nutshell. She didn't ask for anything just told me to focus and there it was. Fast typist, non judgemental and a great friend. Try her you will see....
~Gine A.

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